CMotion Camin-2

Christian Tschida showing the new Camin 2

Christian Tschida showing the new Camin 2

These guys must love 3D. You need two of everything.

Now there’s even a new product.

Cmotion, the maker of follow focus and other fine devices  from Vienna, developed the cvolution system.

Among other things, it offers basic 3D functionality, like pairing focus or iris for two lenses.

The problem has been, for example, if you wanted to be able to drive iris, focus and zoom on both cameras, you needed two handunits and two receivers, which made 3D rigs even bulkier.

Now they have come up with the camin-2, a small receiver platform, that can be upgraded up to 8 channels, to drive interaxial, convergence and focus, iris, zoom for both cameras on a stereo rig.

CVolution Camin 2

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