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ALEXA LF and 35mm format Anamorphic Lenses

Marc Shipman-Mueller published a helpful and interesting white paper, “ALEXA LF & Anamorphic Lenses.” It is in the DOWNLOADS section of the ALEXA LF microsite. Here’s a summary of the key points. You have a Netflix show. You’d like to shoot with 35mm anamorphic lenses on Alexa LF. Can you satisfy the Netflix 4K UHD UHD specification? Yes. You can do this with Alexa LF Open Gate sensor mode and crop in post. read more…


Lens Technician wanted at Band Pro Burbank

Lens Service Technician position available at Band Pro Burbank, CA. Responsible for service and maintenance of professional digital motion picture lenses and accessories. Includes the current lenses sold by Band Pro Film & Digital Inc. but may include vintage lenses that customers may provide. Technician’s role: 1.      Service, maintain and repair cinema lenses, ensuring equipment is complete and meets operational performance… read more…


Sony VENICE V2.0 FDTimes Special Report (PDF)

Download the latest free FDTimes Sony VENICE Special Report.
Includes all the firmware and hardware updates for V2.0 as of August 8, 2018. 140 page PDF.

includes: VENICE Version 2 Firmware Update, Tether, Formats; Travel Guide to VENICE; VENICE PL and E-mount; VENICE: Modular and User-Swappabe Sensor Block; Built-in Optical ND Filters; RAW & Internal Recording; Outfitting VENICE; VENICE Full Frame and Super35 Formats; VENICE Roadmap, Specs, Dimensions; and lots more. read more…

Netflix Mode for Sony Consumer Televisions

If you’re like me, you spend an inordinate amount of time tweaking and fiddling with the color, contrast and other settings of your home TV. This is maddening. Today, Sony and Netflix announced a helpful collaboration. Here’s the edited press release: Sony Electronics Launches MASTER Series TVs with Exclusive Netflix Calibrated Mode, Bringing Studio-quality Picture Mastering to the Living Room…. read more…

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Michael Neuhaeuser new ARRI Board Member

July 24, 2018, Munich. The Supervisory Board of ARRI Group announced today that Dr. Michael Neuhaeuser will be appointed as the new Executive Board member responsible for technology effective Sept 1. He succeeds Professor Franz Kraus. Franz Kraus will join the Supervisory Board and continue to work closely with the company. To clarify: Joerg Pohlman and Michael Neuhaeuser, as the Executive… read more…


Cooke Optics, Caledonia, Same Team

By now, the press releases are online, complete with Cooke mistooked as Cook, along with a distraction of financial figures. Les Zellan called with clarifications today. Caledonia Investments plc, a self-managed investment trust based in the UK, acquired a majority stake in Cooke Optics. The current Cooke management team and day-to-day company activities remain unchanged. Caledonia’s investment will facilitate company growth and development of new lenses. read more…

ARRI Large Format Japanese Edition

To coincide with the delivery of an ARRI Alexa LF camera to NAC Image Technology in Tokyo, here is the Film and Digital Times “ARRI LARGE FORMAT CAMERA SYSTEM” Special Report in Japanese. Translation courtesy of ARRI ASIA.

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Nick Hayes at Angenieux North America

Nick Hayes has been appointed North America Sales Manager of Cinema Optics at Angenieux.  He is based in Irvine, California. Nick is a familiar face in the industry. He worked at RED Digital Cinema for over 6 years, first as a Bomb Squad sales representative and corporate accounts manager. He was then promoted to Territory Manager for Western US and Canada…. read more…

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Canon C700 FF Full Frame Workshop

Band Pro Burbank - Canon C700 FF Full Frame Workshop: Free Full Frame hands-on presentation at Band Pro Burbank 1-4pm

Thursday 7/12 from 1-4pm free Canon C700 FF Workshop at Band Pro’s Burbank Headquarters. Canon’s Cinema EOS reps Alex Sax and Peter Marr will be there to present a technical overview of the C700 FF followed by an open Q&A session. Canon will also be bringing the full Cinema EOS camera and lens families for live demos and hands-on time. Snacks… read more…

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Ultra Lightweight ARRI 35mm cameras for drones: for sale

Here’s an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber Arriflex 35mm camera package for sale. It is ideal for drones, gimbals, helium-filled balloons — and was used extensively on the film OCEANS. The system includes two Arriflex 2 cameras, each under 1.4 kg, modified with carbon fiber bodies, new motors and mounts. Frédéric Jacquemin, writes: “We met at the 2010 AFC Micro Salon in… read more…

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Sony VENICE Version 2 Released Today

Great expectations were rewarded today as Sony released the long-awaited VENICE Version 2 firmware. It’s a major release that makes the VENICE do what almost everyone wanted it to do. Sony’s engineering team were probably working long hours for many months. They scrambled and came through with these new updates ahead of schedule. Version 2 makes VENICE fully functional. The… read more…

CW Sonderoptic renamed Leitz Cine Wetzlar

The name and logo on the outside of CW Sonderoptic’s new headquarters and factory in Wetzlar seemed permanent a couple of months ago. Curiously, a fabric banner covered the name yesterday at the inauguration of Leitz-Park III. Today, during an event attended by thousands of visitors, the banner came down and the new name and logo were revealed. CW Sonderoptic is now Ernst Leitz Cine Wetzlar. read more…

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ZEISS Full Frame Lens Workshop

Zeiss Full Frame Lens Workshop: Band Pro 3403 W. Pacific Avenue Burbank, CA 91505

ZEISS Full Frame Lens Workshop. Thursday June 28th from 1-4pm at Band Pro Burbank HQ. Free Zeiss Cine Lens Specialist, Snehal Patel, will be on hand to go over the latest ZEISS lenses, including CP.3 primes, CZ.2 Zooms, and the recently announced Full Frame Supreme Primes.

Cine Gear Expo 2018 Slideshow

Lots of launches at Cine Gear Expo 2018.  ZEISS Supreme Primes; Sony VENICE V2.0 with  1-60 fps in 4K, E-mount capability, Dual Base 500 and 2500 ISO; Sony VENICE tether; Panavision Primo X, Ultra Vista large format 1.6x squeeze anamorphics, Panavision H series, PanaSpeed large format T1.4; Panavision Liquid Crystal variable ND mattebox filter; Panavision DXL-M; Leica M mount for Sony VENICE… and more… read more…


Panavision Lenses: Ultra Vista 1.6x FF

Panavision at Cine Gear:  Millennium DXL2, LCD Filter and 4 new Large-Format Lens Sets   Panavision’s Millennium DXL2 8K camera will be shown at Cine Gear Expo on June 1-2 at the Panavision booth (#S102) in Stage 17, along with four new large-format lens sets, a new firmware upgrade, DXL-style accessories kit for RED DSMC2 cameras, and a preview new filter… read more…


IB/E Optics News

IB/E Optics is growing and as of June 1, 2018 will distribute independently in the Americas. Also–Big (as in Large Format) new products: LPLx2 VV Optical Extender, PL to LPL mount, and LPL UMS Mount Adapter. read more…


AJA Video Systems Celebrates 25 Years

John Abt started AJA Video Systems with his wife Darlene in 1993 to develop simple digital parallel to serial and serial to parallel converters. Many of AJA’s products at their core continue to bridge connectivity and simplify pro video workflows through video up, down, cross format conversion. An engineer by trade, company founder John Abt is still very hands-on in… read more…

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FDTimes at Cine Gear Expo

6/1/18 – 6/2/18
Cine Gear Expo: visit FDTimes at Cine Gear Expo


FDTimes June 2018 issue 88

FDTimes June 2018 issue 88 is ready to download now: hi-rez for subscribers and a limited time lower rez copy for all to see for free. The print edition will be distributed free at Cine Gear Expo. Visit FDTimes at booth 207 in the New York Streets backlot at Paramount. read more…

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