Andrew Tiffen named President of Tiffen Co.

New York, March 15. Andrew Tiffen (at right, above) has been named President and COO of The Tiffen Company. He is responsible for the operations of the company, including manufacturing, marketing, sales, R&D and Product Development.

Steven Tiffen will remain as Chairman and CEO.

The company’s brands include Tiffen Filters, Steadicam, Lowel, DOMKE, Davis & Sanford, Stroboframe and Zing.

Andrew is the third generation to run the company. These guys are Hollywood royalty.

Tiffen History, condensed from their website: The company was founded by Sol Tiffen in 1938.  His brothers Leo and Nat joined him later. In the beginning, they sold camera accessories for amateur and professional photographers: adapter rings, lens accessories and filters. However, these optical filters were made by other companies and were inconsistent in color and quality. This caught Nat’s attention, and after years of research and development, Tiffen introduced their  proprietary, ColorCore™ technology to manufacture glass filters.

The company grew. Sol managed the consumer photography business, Leo supervised the company’s entrance into the audio-visual market and Nat managed manufacturing and the motion picture and television business.

Tiffen Filters are still manufactured in their Hauppauge, Long Island factory. Additional facilities are located in Burbank and at the Pinewood Studios in the outskirts of London.





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