BSC Expo Feb 2024

BSC Expo 2024 exhibitors enjoyed 14-degrees-globally-warmed weather during setup days. Flowers blossomed in Battersea Park. The grass was a super-saturated green you probably would have dialed out in a grading suite.

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Battersea Evolution

This being London, temperatures dropped, the clouds sputtered and a fresh 20-25 mph westerly breeze blew down the Thames in time for BSC Expo VIP and visitor days, Feb 15-17. Opening day was as  packed as the Lexington Subway Line in New York at rush hour. It was a great, busy, big expo — with a long waiting list of even more companies ready for next year. Apologies to everyone not included in this brief, whirlwind gallery of photos. Please also download the BSC Expo FDTimes edition.

Thanks to Claire and Rob Saunders, The BSC, BSC Magazine and everyone who made this event possible.


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