Pacific Northwest Lens Summit 2024


Michael Koerner and Lens Llama


May 3-4, 2024. The Pacific Northwest Lens Summit returned to Koerner Camera in Portland this year. CVP  hosted the event in London last year.

Around 30 exhibitors and hundreds of visitors from around the world attended to try, test, look at and look through lots of the latest cine lenses and accessories. Classes, workshops and seminars were presented by lens technicians and experts.

Koerner organized the first PNW Lens Summit in 2017. Michael Koerner said, “The event was the incarnation of an idea: what if there was a smaller, more focused event just for cinema optics, without the often overwhelming nature of a larger tradeshow? To fill that need, the PNW Lens Summit was born.”

Exhibitors this year included:

  • Ancient Optics
  • Angenieux
  • ARRI
  • Atlas Lens Co.
  • BandPro
  • Caldwell
  • Canon
  • Chemical Wedding / Artemis Prime
  • Chiopt Optics
  • Chrosziel
  • Cine Lens Manual
  • Cooke Optics
  • Creative Solutions
  • Denz
  • Duclos Lenses
  • Film and Digital Times
  • Fujinon
  • IB/E Optics
  • Infinity Photo-Optical
  • Innerspace Cases
  • Laowa / Venus Optics
  • Leitz Cine Lenses
  • Lensworks
  • Lindsey Optics
  • Movmax
  • Preston Cinema Systems
  • Qinematiq
  • Schneider-Kreuznach
  • Second Reef
  • Sigma
  • Sony
  • Tiffen
  • Tokina
  • Tribe7
  • True Lens Services
  • Vantage / Hawk Anamorphic
  • ZeroOptik

Click on any photo below to begin a slideshow from Day 1.  Photos by Tommy Kallgren.


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    Fantastic event!

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