Cooke Gallery London

“The wand chooses the wizard, remember…I think we must expect great things from you.”

Stepping into the Cooke Gallery in Fitzrovia, London conjures up Ollivander’s  Wand Shop of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The lens chooses the Cinematographer…no doubt about it.

Wizards and filmmakers can step into this magical space on Newman Street. Enter into a museum-like gallery with large video displays and photographs. The current exhibition is all about Focus. Pick up a pair of headphones paired with moving images on the wall for examples of deep focus, shallow depth of field, rack focus, and more.

Go downstairs and have a Cooke lens choose the Cinematographer. This is the creative space—a studio with cameras, monitors, lighting fixtures, backdrops, a set, props—and a comprehensive selection of Cooke lenses to try out. You can make an appointment.

Tuesday, February 13. Cooke’s Danny Haikin and Olga Hilliar had pre-tasted the food, tried the wine and sent invitations: “To celebrate the ongoing partnership with Film and Digital Times, Cooke cordially invites you to spend time with JF and the Cooke team in the new Cooke Gallery in Fitzrovia.”

It’s a short walk (if you don’t take the wrong turn; I did) from CVP’s new Fitzrovia showroom and event space on Great Titchfield Street. The Duke of York pub is conveniently next door to Cooke.

Here is a slideshow of a marvelous evening. (Click on any image for full-screen view.) Thank you Cooke! The photos are by Richard Blanshard.



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