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Andrew Tiffen named President of Tiffen Co.

New York, March 15. Andrew Tiffen (at right, above) has been named President and COO of The Tiffen Company. He is responsible for the operations of the company, including manufacturing, marketing, sales, R&D and Product Development.

Steven Tiffen will remain as Chairman and CEO.

The company’s brands include Tiffen Filters, Steadicam, Lowel, DOMKE, Davis & Sanford, Stroboframe and Zing. read more…

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Steadicam Stabilized M-1 Volt

Eight years in the making, Tiffen introduced Steadicam M-1 Volt at Cine Gear. It is a modular attachment that adds electronic and gimbal stabilization to the Steadicam–helping to keep horizons level and eliminating pendulum movement of the arm. You operate the Steadicam the way you always did. The M-1 Volt allows precise and full control, but when you let go, the camera… read more…

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Yo, Adrian, where’s my Steadicam Volt?

Now some of the skills of Steadicam can be democratized with Tiffen’s new Kickstarter campaign for the Steadicam Volt. It’s also a great tool for scouting and pre-viz. Volt is not your traditional flashlight-shaped brushless gimbal. It is stabilized on 3 axes, but the big difference is in the pan. Most brushless gimbals are designed to keep the camera pointing in the same direction. That’s frustrating if you want to gracefully move to follow an actor or circle behind the guy on top of the museum steps. read more…

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NYTimes on Steadicam

Here’s an excellent article in the NYTimes: “The Invention That Shot Rocky Up Those Steps.” The accompanying video is like a Steadicam Greatest Hits with a description of Garrett Brown’s Steadicam camera operating system that made “The Shining,” “Rocky” and “Goodfellas” possible.

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The Rolling Stones in Cuba—Worldwide Release

The Rolling Stones Havana Moon feature-length film of the historic concert by The Rolling Stones in Havana, Cuba will be shown on September 23, 2016, for one night only, in cinemas around the world. Directed by Paul Dugdale (Adele, Coldplay) this concert film features ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’, ‘It’s Only Rock ’n Roll’, ‘Gimme Shelter’, ‘Brown Sugar’, ‘Satisfaction’ and more. The concert film and documentary were produced by JA Digital. SR Films handled all outside broadcast services, with PhotoCineRent Paris providing cameras, lenses, controls and heads. read more…

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Tiffen’s Steadicam LA 2016 Workshop

The Queen Mary Workshop, Long Beach, California, April 2016  by Chris Fawcett, inventor of the Steadicam Fawcett Exovest photos: Nadiya Rodkina Steadicam remains one of the strongest storytelling tools for cinematographers. There is no other way to move the camera that so closely replicates the human experience of vision. Its agility and ability to react instantly and move rapidly in… read more…

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Steadicam M-1, Steadicam 40th Anniversary, Cartoni 80th Anniversary

Tiffen introduced the new Steadicam M-1. Its modular, ultra-rigid design and innovative features make it the most hotly anticipated “big rig” in decades. AT NAB, Steadicam celebrated their 40th Anniversary and Cartoni celebrated their 80th Anniversary. read more…

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Lords of Steadicam

The first European Steadicam Workshops were held in the early 80s. They were initiated by Nicola Pecorini and Garrett Brown. Nicola (“Base”) Pecorini and Francesca Carapelli’s company organized these wonderful workshops in historic Italian monasteries and breathtaking castles. When “Base” ceased organizing workshops in the early 90s, Christian Betz took up the cause with Ted Churchill, Garrett Brown, Jacques Monges,… read more…


McConkey in February FDTimes

In the current February issue of Film and Digital  Times, we interviewed Larry McConkey about his  Steadicam work on Martin Scorcese’s Hugo. Jon Fauer: When did you start on Hugo? Larry McConkey: I got a phone call at about 4 in the morning in late April, 2010. A voice said, “Larry, you have to get on a plane.” “Who is… read more…



  Ulik Kahlert, the inventor of the Segway handsfree-steering system, and Steadicam operator and instructor, Chris Fawcett, showed their totally redesigned, 3rd generation camera stabilization Segway System around the Tiffen Booth at NAB. The new model sports wheel covers, improved ergonomics and safety features. The Steadiseg modification replaces conventional Segway handlebars with a control-stick module between the knees, freeing the rider’s… read more…

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