Panavision Primo V Primes

Panavision now has a new line of primes, the Primo V series. They have been designed for 35mm digital cameras, and because of protruding rear elements, cannot be used on mirror shutter film cameras. The set of Primo V primes consist of 14.5, 17.5, 21, 27, 35, 40, 50, 75, and 100 mm T1/9.

The Primo V lenses use lens elements from existing Primos. Mechanics have been upgrades, and the optical design has been optimized for digital cameras. Image circle has been increased to 31.4 mm (maybe larger). Dan Sasaki explained that the optical consideration take into account the optical low pass filter (cover glass) of digital cameras.

Modifications correct for coma, astigmatism, and other aberrations introduced by the additional glass between the lens and the sensor, while preserving the imaging characteristics cinematographers know and love about Primo. The new lenses provide an image more balanced center-to-edge.

The Primo V lenses are compatible with any digital camera equipped with PL or Panavision 35 mount systems. They cannot be used on film cameras. The internal transports and mechanics of the Primo V lenses will retain the familiar Primo feel. Since the Primo V lenses retain the essential Primo character, imagery from Primo V and standard Primo lenses will intercut well.

More details to follow when I get a better internet connection here in Tokyo at InterBEE.

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