Panavision Movements

Suzanne Lezotte leaves Panavision after 9 years to become Director of Marketing at Bexel. We wish Suzanne all the best in her new position.
Rob Baker, Randy Reck, and Haluki Sadahiro have joined Panavision.  Dan Sasaki has been promoted. Presumably this is part of Panavision’s much rumored rollout of new cameras and lenses.
Dan Sasaki, lens designer at Panavision for over 20 years, is now VP, Optical Engineering and Lens Strategy. Rob Baker, who joins Panavision from AltaSens, will assume the role of VP, Engineering. Randy Reck, previously EFILM’s Chief CinemaScan Engineer, will be Director, Product Management, Digital Workflow Systems. Haluki Sadahiro, who joined  a few months ago, is currently Director, Product Management, Camera Systems, and also comes from AltaSens. Altasens is a CMOS sensor design (not fab, as in fabricator) facility.
Panavision was founded in 1954. This all adds up to some interesting anticipation.

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