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Tatara Samurai: Film on Film

By Yasuaki Mitsuwa Director Yoshinari Nishikôri and Cinematographer Akira Sako, JSC recently completed the feature Tatara Samurai. This interview took place at the Imagica head office in Tokyo after the first screening of the film in April.     FILM AND DIGITAL TIMES JAPAN (FDTJ): Tell us about the film Tatara Samurai. DIRECTOR YOSHINARI NISHIKÔRI (N): “Tatara” is a unique… read more…

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Decoated NAC ZEISS Super Speeds

NAC Inc Rentals in Tokyo is busy removing the anti-reflection coatings of front and rear elements on some of their ZEISS Super Speed lenses. The result is a nice, less contrasty, flare-ier, flairy, look. Careful–without the coatings the elements scratch easily.

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NAC Open House in Tokyo

NAC Image Technology’s annual Open House event was held on June 24 and 25 at Toei studio in Oizumi, Tokyo. Around 400 visitors attended during the two days. There were two parts to the event: an exhibition of equipment at a film studio and presentations at a preview theater.  Mr. Franz Kraus, Managing Director of ARRI, lectured to a full house (“Better Motion Pictures on… read more…

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NAC Image Technology

NAC Image Technology is a famous Tokyo company with a rich history in imaging. They are the ARRI Distributor in Japan, major camera rental house, high-tech manufacturer of high speed cameras and optical products, and authorized ZEISS service center for Asia. The company was founded in 1958 in the Ginza area of Tokyo by the father of the current President,… read more…

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