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The Rolling Stones in Cuba—Worldwide Release

The Rolling Stones Havana Moon feature-length film of the historic concert by The Rolling Stones in Havana, Cuba will be shown on September 23, 2016, for one night only, in cinemas around the world. Directed by Paul Dugdale (Adele, Coldplay) this concert film features ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’, ‘It’s Only Rock ’n Roll’, ‘Gimme Shelter’, ‘Brown Sugar’, ‘Satisfaction’ and more. The concert film and documentary were produced by JA Digital. SR Films handled all outside broadcast services, with PhotoCineRent Paris providing cameras, lenses, controls and heads. read more…

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Sony AXS-R7 RAW Recorder

Sony Headquarters, Shinagawa, Tokyo. Sony F5 and F55 get a new onboard RAW Recorder: AXS-R7. It attaches to the camera the same way as the previous model, AXS-R5, with an additional metal top plate to add stability. There are two slots on the camera left side for  slim AXS memory cards. The new R7 recorder is slightly larger, and gives F5 and… read more…

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Sony F55 Doc Dock

Updates from InterBEE in Tokyo. Sony showed the latest improvements on their “Doc Dock” (also known as Build Up Kit) that turns the F55 into a comfortable, shoulder-resting Documentary/ENG style cameras system. Introduced a few months as a prototype, the designers listened to suggestions from camera operators and the Dock will ship in a month or two with a much greater… read more…

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Panavision Flare Lenses, PVintage, F55

An interview with Scott Kevan on “Deliver Us From Evil” with Panavized Sony F55 Cameras, Panavision Flare and PVintage lenses. JON FAUER: “Deliver Us From Evil” was released in July. What was the concept and visual style? SCOTT KEVAN: It’s a story inspired by actual accounts of a NYPD sergeant from the Bronx, Ralph Sarchie, and his interaction with both violent street crime… read more…

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Sony F5-F55 Booklet Updated

We have updated the Sony F5-F55 Booklet. The new version is Feb 28, 2013. iPad users: Please delete your old (November) version and download the new Feb 28, 2013 Edition via Apple Newsstand. App is available in iTunes. PDF Edition. Download the new Feb 28, 2013 v5.5 Edition.

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