Angénieux History (PDF)

The Angénieux company has been designing and building motion picture lenses for more than 78 years–lenses that defined the look of many films and influenced the way they were shot. This special report follows a time-line of Angénieux’s history, from its founding by Pierre Angénieux in the 1930s to the new lenses that continue to be developed today. We take……

All About Anamorphic (PDF)

Apocalypse Now, Blade Runner, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Bridge on the River Kwai, Evita — if you were enthralled by the look of these classic ’Scope films, you may be considering anamorphic lenses for your next production. Angénieux read more…

Oblivion Sony F65 Report (PDF)

Reprint from Film and Digital Times Issue 53: interviews with Claudio Miranda, ASC about cinematography on Oblivion. Alex Carr, DIT on the film, discusses data management. Chris Cookson, President of Sony Pictures Technologies, talks about 4K in general. read more…

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Cooke Book 2013 (PDF)

The Cooke Book, A Cooke Look Back, and other reprints of Film and Digital Times articles about Cooke Optics.

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Sony F65 and FS700 Reprint (PDF)

Online reprint of Sony F65 and FS700 Special Reports. These articles first appeared in NAB 2012 and IBC 2012 editions of Film and Digital Times.  

Cooke Evening

More than 65 guests attended the annual Cooke Evening on April 13, 2011 to mingle and discuss the state of motion picture industry. Here is a selection of comments from John Bowring ACS, Danys Bruyere, TSF ; Juan Pablo Fabres, JPF Cine; Barry Measure, Take 2 Films; Tarun Kumar, Anand Cine Service; Ernesto Musitelli, Musitelli Film And Digital; Thomas Järn, Dagsljus; Noah Weinzweig, Redgate Rentals; Denny Clairmont, Clairmont Camera; Robert Howard, CCEO Cooke Optics; Jon Fauer; Les Zellan, Chairman Of Cooke Optics; Geoffrey Chappell, Sales For Cooke Optics.
 read more…

Sony Tour – Updated Reprint – April 2011 (PDF)

Sony invited us to tour their facilities in Japan to see their latest cameras and technology. Our 28 page report takes us from the Atsugi Tech Center south of Tokyo to Kumamoto on the south island of Kyushu, where Sony’s 20 Megapixel CMOS sensors for the new F65 cameras are made. We learn about the F65, SRMemory, Recorders, 3D, NXCAM……

Fujifilm – Fujinon Optics Factory Tour (PDF)

In March 2011, we visited the factory where Fujinon lenses are crafted. This 14-page report is an overview of the company’s history, shows the breadth of product design and developement, and then takes us where cinematographers want to go: to see lenses being ground, lens meisters measuring to incredibly fine tolerances, and one of the most advanced MTF testers being……


A 12-page special report on the Sony PMW-F3 digital camcorder. It is another step in the democratization of cinematography—a 35mm format digital camcorder that is lighter, smaller, faster, cheaper. Unveiled as an “affordable 35” prototype at NAB, it was introduced at USC on November 17th with film students and independents in mind. But its appeal is greater. The body weighs……


Revised and completed updated, our 144 page guide to ZEISS Cine Lenses, construction, and a tour of Carl Zeiss factories in Jena and Oberkochen is now ready to download.


Join us on a 24 page Cinematographer’s Tour of ARRI ALEXA from Concept through Construction.

Leica Report Updated (PDF)

Leica History from first camera to Che to Cine Lenses. Updated 26 page report.

Image Stabilization (PDF)

At NAB 2010, Larry Thorpe, National Marketing Executive for Broadcast & Communications, Canon USA Inc., presented a fascinating lecture on how image stabilization works. He’s graciously crafted this article in response to demand for more insight into how the two major systems of stabilizers work: Vari-Angle Prism IS and Shift Lens IS.

A Cinematographer’s Tour of Kodak (PDF)

This report could be called “My Trip to Kodak.” I was recently invited to take a whirlwind tour compressing a hundred years of film manufacturing progress into a few fascinating hours. This is not intended to be a technical treatise on how to build your own film factory, but to illuminate the process of film manufacturing so that fellow cinematographers……

Fujinon 3-Perf & Micro 4/3 Angle of View Calculator (PDF)

To compare angle of view of 35mm 3-Perf with Micro Four Thirds (Lumix GH-1) format, enter data in Red. Answer appears in Blue. (This file is actually an XL document, not a PDF).

Element Technica (PDF)

Reprint from Feb 2010 Special Report (6 pages). If I were a venture capitalist or investment banker, I’d be writing a report as wildly enthusiastic about Element Technica as…this Film and Digital Times article. Here’s a company of really talented people who really get it — founded and run by Hector Ortega and Stephen Pizzo. They make leading-edge 3D rigs and……

ARRI CSC Framing Guide (PDF)

35mm Framing Charts for 35mm formats. Shoot these framing guides for consistent composition and framing from pre- through post production.

ARRI Groundglass, Gate and Format Guide (PDF)

Almost every groundglass and gate available for ARRI cameras

Trade Show Mania – January 2010

Read the report by Oli Laperal, Jr on 6 major trade shows and important conferences:

1. Storage Visions. 2. CES. 3. IEEE/ICCE.
4. Red Camera Showcase.
5. 3D Displays & Applications.
6. SPIE Photonics.
 read more…

Cooke 5/i and Panchro/i at IBC and Lens Tests

The lensmakers in Leicester have been working overtime. Cooke surprised us at IBC with a new series: The Cooke 5/i. There will initially be 9 lenses in the series: 18, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 75, 100 and 135mm, all T1.4-T22. Read about our tests of 100mm pre-production samples of the new 5/i and Panchro/i lenses, along with a Cooke…… continue reading >

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