Angénieux History (PDF)


The Angénieux company has been designing and building motion picture lenses for more than 78 years–lenses that defined the look of many films and influenced the way they were shot.

This special report follows a time-line of Angénieux’s history, from its founding by Pierre Angénieux in the 1930s to the new lenses that continue to be developed today. We take some detours to follow the paths of cinematographers and directors working with Angénieux cinema lenses on features, commercials, television shows, series,  documentaries and specials.

Our report was born in Cannes 2013, where Philippe Rousselot, ASC, AFC was honored for his prolific and amazing cinematography. The award was conceived and created by Angénieux. It was an equipment-agnostic event. No one counted which films were done on what cameras or lenses. It was, however, abundantly clear that Angénieux’s place in the world of cinema was profound, and its history is fascinating.

This is still of a work in progress, because I would be delighted to welcome comments, pictures, anecdotes, and additions from you, dear readers.

There was only one printed edition–distributed at IBC 2013 in Amsterdam. It was not sent to FDTimes subscribers. But it is available free for download as a PDF. Feel free to print it out. Note that it is formatted for European size A4 paper. If printing on 8.5 x 11 paper, set Acrobat to shrink oversize pages.

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