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AMIRA SUP 2.0 & 3.0 Updates

  ARRI Amira SUP 2.0  Scheduled for release in March 2015, SUP 2.o promises UHD recording with the purchase of a license at the ARRI License Shop (and camera sensor calibration at an ARRI service center for cameras purchased in 2014). It lets you record codecs up to ProRes 4444 in UHD 3840 x 2160 resolution onto the in-camera CFast 2.0 cards,… read more…

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ARRI Full Factory Tour (PDF)

Special for Camerimage 2014. Free Reprint and Update from FDTimes issues since September 2013: AMIRA Factory Tour from issue 62-63, ALEXA 65 Special Report, ALEXA SUP Updates, ARRI Accessories.

80 pages. Best viewed in Adobe Acrobat with View-Page Display set to Two Page View, and Show Cover Page in Two Page View. read more…

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ProRes UHD for AMIRA

A new software upgrade for ARRI’s documentary-style AMIRA camera will allow it to record ProRes UHD files offering future-proof headache relief. Producers, studios and companies considering the longevity of their programs wanted assurance that they would be suitable for UHD transmission, viewing, streaming or downloading. The old mantra of “we’ll just do the re-make when the next standard rears its head” is no longer credible. (Remember how long it took stations and studios to move from standard 16mm to Super 16mm, long after every new camera in the world was already fitted with a S16 gate?)

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ARRI Amira $39.9K

As expected, ARRI announced the price of Amira cameras today. The camera with viewfinder base price is $39,999.00. A large and varied list of accessories and options allow the camera to be customized. The Amira, in case anyone missed the demos at IBC and elsewhere, is a documentary-style, shoulder-resting, 35mm HD and 2K camera. The ergonomics are superb, remind me… read more…

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It reminds me of the ARRI 16SR — the camera that launched a thousand careers, including mine. The 16SR was designed by Erich Kaestner as a documentary and news 16mm film camera so lightweight and portable that it could fit into an attaché case (that came with the camera–optional extra in those pre-Petrol-Kata-Tenba-Lowepro days) and fit under an airline seat… read more…

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