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Musitelli Film & Digital 20th Anniversary

Musitelli Film & Digital 20th Anniversary: Celebrating 20 years of Camera, Lighting and Grip Rental in Uruguay

Musitelli Film & Digital celebrates 20 years in camera, lighting and grip rental on Thursday, November 30, 2017 — with a new logo, party (by invitation only) and lots to come. Based in Montevideo, Uruguay, Musitelli is one of the largest rental houses in South America and among the best equipped and organized anywhere.  Congratulations!  

Easyrig’s Johan Hellsten reports on Camerimage

Johan Hellsten, Cameraman and Inventor of the Easyrig, visited Camerimage for the first time. Camerimage was a mere 20 hours or more to the south by car and ferry from his hometown of Umeå. Here’s Johan, above, with an 18 kg ARRI Alexa 65 on his Easyrig Vario 5. He sent these photos and notes.  Turkish cinematographer Cansu Bogulsu, above,… read more…


Scorpio Full Frame Anamorphics in Japan

RED MONSTRO 8K VV Camera with Scorpiolens FFA Full Frame Anamorphic prime, presented by Maki Itakura of RAID during InterBEE in Tokyo.


Sony Venice Full Frame in February

Nov 15. Tokyo, Japan. At InterBEE this morning, Sony announced an accelerated timeline for the release of VENICE. The camera will ship in February 2018 with its 24×36 mm Full Frame sensor fully functional. When launched in September, the roadmap was a February release with only S35 implemented and Full Frame to be ready later in the year, around August…. read more…

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Japanese language INTERBEE 2017 edition

Download your copy here read more…

Storyline Studios & Camera Rental

STORYLINE STUDIOS hosted an open house and party for the Norwegian film community and guests attending the IMAGO Oslo conference on September 9. Storyline is the largest camera, grip, lighting rental house, studio and post production facility in Norway—and one of the biggest in Scandinavia. Their roots go back to 1932 and Norsk Film. An energetic team of 44 manage… read more…

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Band Pro Open House 2017

Band Pro Open House 2017: Band Pro’s annual Open House on Thursday 12/7/2017 in Burbank

Band Pro’s annual One World Open House event will take place on Thursday 12/7/2017. The theme will be “Venetian Carnival” — as in Venice the city and maybe VENICE the camera. Claudio Miranda, ASC will be honored for his contributions to the art of cinematography. Claudio’s credits include Only the Brave, Life of Pi, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,… read more…

Imago Conference in Oslo

Slower than dreaded latency in video transmission, this article arrives a month late. “The dog ate my homework,” the internet was slow, and other excuses abound. The European marathon tour of companies and events is finally completed: Wetzlar-Frankfurt-Oslo-Munich-Berlin-Amsterdam-Munich-Freyung-Cortina d’Ampezzo, Asolo, Feltre, Bassano del Grappa, Venice and Vienna. Let’s catch up and start with Oslo. Imago’s 2017 Digital Cinema Conference was… read more…


New RED W8K VV (Full Frame) Monstro Camera

There’s a new large format camera in town. It’s the RED Digital Cinema W8K VV Camera with MONSTRO Sensor. MONSTRO replaces the 8K VV Dragon sensor. The carbon fiber Weapon camera body (brain) stays the same. (Weapon is the body, MONSTRO and Dragon MONSTRO provides improved image quality, with greater dynamic range and increased shadow detail. See the demo video “Iron… read more…

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Correction: 6 Canon CN-E Full Frame Primes

Correction to error on page 29 of FDTimes September Edition #84: There are 6 (not 5) Canon Full Frame EF-mount Cinema CN-E Prime Lenses. The online PDF has been updated. Thanks to Chris Hurd, Mitch Glick and the many readers who pounced on this egregious omission in our growing list of Full Frame cine primes.     

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IB/E Optics Lens Day

Freyung, Eastern Bavaria, Germany. September 20-21. IB/E Optics celebrated their 5th anniversary in Freyung, a town that is close to the Czech border and the Bavarian Forest. It is a hilly region with the largest protected forest in Central Europe. (Previously, IB/E Optics was located in Passau.) Managing Director Klaus Eckerl (above) welcomed several hundred guests who arrived from around… read more…


Scorpio FFA Full Frame Anamorphics

New Scorpio Full Frame Anamorphic FFA 2x Lenses. 2x squeeze. Maximum aperture T2.2. ARRI Alexa 65 XPL mount at left. PL mount at right. read more…

Art of Large Format

It was fitting that Sony introduced a working Full Frame prototype of Venice the camera in Amsterdam the city. Two weeks ago, Sony showed a Super35 version of Venice in LA. Howls of despair were surely heard in Tokyo and in the short intervening time, a Full Frame 24x36mm model serendipitously  appeared at IBC. A short walk to the Rijksmuseum is… read more…

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Sparkling Bistro Munich

Sparkling Bistro is one of the best new restaurants in Munich. Recommended by Juerg Pohlman and Walter Trauninger, who know these things, it’s tucked away behind a lovely terrace on Amalienpassage off Tuerkenstrasse. It is a block away from ARRI. The name may come from the extensive list of bubbly beverages,  and what better way to celebrate ARRI’s 100th anniversary. Next, go… read more…

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History of ARRI in a Century of Cinema

One hundred years ago, August Arnold and Robert Richter founded ARRI on September 12, 1917. Download FDTimes’ Special Report as a 24-page PDF – with illustrations. (Best viewed in two-page mode, show cover page).   Here’s the full text: ARRI was founded a century ago by two aspiring cinematographers who saw the value of technology in the pursuit of their… read more…

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Sony’s VENICE Full Frame + S35 Camera

Sony launches VENICE today at the Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City. This is the Full Frame 24×36 high-end cine camera that Sony signaled in June. The big news was the big picture. Few details were revealed then. In one of the fastest whispers-to-product launches we’ve ever seen,  we learn that the camera is named VENICE, not an F and a number. It is being shown with PL mount, S35 format, with Full Frame, E-mount and updates coming soon. Download the 28-page PDF FDTimes Special Report. read more…

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Flowtech 75: Quick Sticks from Sachtler

Tripods haven’t changed much since the birth of cinema, the founding of Vinten in 1910 (later to become Vitec), or Buster Keaton. Until now. Vitec’s new flowtech™ 75 tripods will be at IBC in  both Sachtler and Vinten brands. And yes, “flowtech” is all lower case. Download FDTimes’ 3-page PDF, including a visit to the factory in Bury St Edmunds…. read more…

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New Angenieux Optimo Ultra 12x Zoom: Full Frame, U35, S35

The next-generation Angénieux Optimo Ultra 12x is a high-end, multi-format zoom with interchangeable modules to cover  sensor sizes from Full Frame 24×36 and RED 8K VV to U35 and S35. It is the venerable Optimo 24-290 reference redefined, the zoom lens that accompanied almost every major motion picture production since it was introduced in September 2001. Download the FDTimes PDF… read more…

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Martin Kreitl Managing Director Band Pro Munich

Martin Kreitl is the new Managing Director of Band Pro Munich beginning September 1. Martin has been a familiar face in the industry since 1985.  In 2000, Martin and some partners produced one of the world’s first films in 1080 / 24p. The short film “Gone Underground” jump-started  most HD productions in Germany. Three years later Martin Kreitl founded his own company, MKMedia Production. For more than 13 years, Martin worked at Band Pro Munich in various positions, most recently as Head of Sales and Marketing. read more…

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Scorpio Full Frame Anamorphic 2x Lenses

It was a crackly, barely audible yet reliably confirmed source the mobile phone. Did I hear correctly? It was OK to publish this news? Let’s hope so: Servicevision will announce Scorpio Full Frame Anamorphic 2x Lenses at IBC. They will be call FFA — as in Full Frame Anamorphic. 2x squeeze. Same maximum aperture of T2.2 as the Scorpio 2x Anamorphic S35 set. They will be the same size, or close to it. Resolution and look will be the same. There will be a whole set. Zooms as well. The lens assembly team at Servicevision has been working on the FFA lenses for some time, and they should be ready to ship in about 4 months. read more…

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