TRINITY Live is an upgrade for ARRI’s original 3-axis vest-mounted camera stabilizer. It includes new hardware, wiring, and connections intended mainly for live, multi-camera and broadcast productions.

  1. A wireless video link (like Vislink) can now be mounted to the bottom of the stabilizer post instead of  to the camera. This provides better balance and a more stable wireless signal.
  2. Four new 4G video lines and a 10 Gbit shielded Ethernet line connect to the new wireless video link position. The upgrade includes a new center post, post connection, top stage junction box, and wiring loom.
  3. The four new lines supply up to four quad link signals (4 x 3G), or two Dual SDI (2x 6G) feeds. The fifth video line is for playback. The 10 Gbit Ethernet line provides camera control and communication to an OB van.
  4. Two additional TRINITY upgrades are available that almost every TRINITY operator will enjoy:
  5. The ARRI Master Grip TRINITY gives you control of a zoom lens and the stabilizer’s tilt axis via a common LBUS controller.
  6. The 24 Volt upgrade for TRINITY Live gives the system reliable 24 V camera power when you are working with an ALEXA Mini LF, ALEXA 35, or Sony VENICE.
  7. TRINITY Gen.1 rigs previously upgraded to 24 V must still be fitted with this new 24 V upgrade as part of a TRINITY Live conversion.

Curt Schaller, ARRI Product Manager of Camera Stabilizer Systems, said: “We’re pleased that the TRINITY Live upgrade extends the life and use of TRINITY Gen.1. For operators who want to expand into broadcast applications with TRINITY Live but don’t already own a TRINITY Gen.1, the best place to buy a used rig is the ARRI Certified Pre-Owned program. However, if one is found elsewhere, it can be taken it to any local ARRI service center where it can be checked to ensure that the equipment is in good working order for the upgrade before purchase.”

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