Tilta Nucleus Nano II

Tilta Nucleus M wireless lens control systems worked on Gran Turismo. Leo Holba, Director of Focus (A-Camera Focus Puller) said, “Our VENICE RIALTO cameras had Tilta Nucleus M wireless systems to set the stop, set the focus—because the cockpits on the cars are so small, when you’ve got someone sitting there in a bucket seat with the harnesses and the helmet, fiddling around with your fingers to set the stop became impossible. So then it was a, okay, how do we get around this? And the answer: Nucleus M lens controls. The motors were strong enough to hold the settings. Then, it was: press record, off it goes, does five laps, comes back, press off.”

Now Tilta has a new generation of wireless lens control.

Tilta’s new Nucleus Nano II is an ultra compact wireless lens (focus, iris, zoom) control system. It is especially nimble on hybrid still/video mirrorless cameras, gimbals, cars, drones and rigs.

The Nucleus Nano II hand wheel has been significantly improved from its predecessor in both ergonomics and display. One compact hand unit lets you control two lens motors. The knob can follow focus and the rocker can adjust iris or zoom.

The rocker is dampened so you can elegantly feather zoom starts and stops.

Add the optional Multi-Function Power or Control Handle and the Nucleus Nano II can manage up to 4 lens motors: focus, iris, zoom, Ronin or Mirage VND.

The new 1.6″ touchscreen display is a pleasure to use. Its large read-out provides a graphic display of lens positions and intuitive navigation includes menu pages for lens mapping and camera controls.

The Nano II can adjust camera settings over WiFi or Bluetooth via the lens motor’s USB-C port. Cameras include Canon, Sony, Blackmagic and more.

The lens mapping control screen provides real-time focus distance information.

The Nano II’s internal battery will run the unit for 7 to 20 hours continuously. Charging is done via its USB-C or Power and Control Handle ports.

The Nano II is paired with new high-performance motors that deliver five times more torque than their predecessors. You can daisy-chain additional motors.

The Nano II is compatibile with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro, Sony FX3, Canon EOS R6 Mark II, DJI RS2, RS3 Pro, DJI Focus Motors, Nucleus-M, the previous generations of Nucleus Nano, and more.

This is a “reprint” from FDTimes Sept-Oct 2023 Issue 122-123.

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