Canon CN-R RF Mount Cine Lenses

Canon Inc. introduced their first RF-mount Cinema Prime Lenses. The new lenses combine high optical performance, familiar cinema-style 0.8M gears and ergonomics, and RF mount communication. Canon says, “The first set of seven RF Mount Cinema Prime Lenses is only the beginning. Canon plans to swiftly expand the lineup of RF Mount production equipment to meet the needs of professional content for movies, TV, and commercials.”

The seven Canon CN-R lenses are: 14mm T3.1, 20mm T1.5, 24mm T1.5, 35mm T1.5, 50mm T1.3, 85mm T1.3, and 135mm T2.2. Paired with the two existing RF Mount Canon Cinema Cameras, EOS C70 and EOS R5 C, these lenses will enable RF mount protocol transmission. As with Canon CN-E EF-Mount Cinema Prime Lenses, this includes control of magnification, chromatic aberration correction, peripheral light correction and dual-pixel focus guide via camera body operations. In addition, the new lenses also correct lens distortion when paired with a compatible Canon camera.

The CN-R lenses cover Full Frame large-format sensors, have 11-bladed irises, and maintain a unified Cinema EOS color balance throughout the series for consistent color.

Designed with a pleasingly tactile amount of ring torque, the new lenses have the same gear positions relative to the mount, the same front diameter and the lens barrel rotation angles. A grippy new surface near the mount provides a comfortable surface for changing lenses—so you can twist the lens to attach it to the camera mount. You will no longer have to worry about gripping the iris ring by mistake when attaching and detaching lenses.

Deliveries are expected between January and April 2024, with the 24, 35, 50 and 85 arriving in January. The 14, 20 and 24 mm CN-R lenses will have a retail price of $4,220. The 35, 50, 85 and 135 mm will be $3,950.


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