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Tiffen Rear Filters for Signature Primes

Multi camera DPs said they want the ability to change filters quickly. On these pages, the DP may want the ability to bake in a look with filters to which you commit. When the director on a big budget feature asks whether you can have more halation around the highlight, you could insist (in vain), “But sir, this is the look we agreed upon during prep and scouting.” read more…

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ARRI Signature Zooms

September 23, 2020. ARRI introduces four Signature Zoom lenses: 16-32 mm T2.8, 24-75 mm T2.8, 45-135 mm T2.8, and 65-300 mm T2.8 (110.5-510 mm T4.95 with dedicated 1.7x extender). They cover Large Format / Full Frame and have LPL mounts. So, now there is an ARRI Signature lens system consisting of four Signature Zooms and sixteen Signature Primes. Signature Primes were unveiled concurrently with ALEXA LF at BSC Expo in February 2018. First customer deliveries began in May 2018 with the 35, 47, 75 and 125 mm primes. Then, during every following month in 2018, at least one or two additional focal lengths shipped. By the end of 2018, I think delivered sets already consisted of thirteen lenses. Three more Signature Primes arrived in 2019; they were unique: 12, 15, and 280 mm. I cannot recall an introduction of so many cine lenses in such a short time. Pre-production 45-135 and 65-300 Signature Zooms have landed. read more…

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