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InterBEE 2011 Tokyo

InterBEE 2011, held November 16-19 near Tokyo, had companies from 34 countries exhibiting cinema, video and audio products in 1329 booths. There were more than 30,000 visitors–a record attendance. Slideshow, above. My quick impressions: 3D was almost gone. The flavor of the show was 4K and 8K. The company that introduced a 4K recorder 2 years ago introduced an 8K UNCOMPRESSED recorder…. read more…


ARRI Alexa at 120 fps

With ARRI’s new Software Upgrade Packet SUP 5.0,  your Alexa can now shoot up to 120 fps. While SUP 5.0 is a free update for Alexa customers, its High Speed mode can only be activated through the purchase of a license key at the Alexa License Shop. Each license key is coded to a particular camera and can be selectively enabled or disabled,… read more…


Sony F65 Intro in LA

Sony F65 cameras will make bi-coastal debuts in LA and NY on November 22, 2011. In LA, Band Pro will host free seminars at their Burbank office. Band Pro’s Jeff Cree and Randy Wedick will demonstrate the Sony F65 35mm digital motion picture camera system and discuss the ingredients of this high-end-to-end 16-bit 4K capture, edit and delivery system and how they… read more…


Sony F65 Intro in NY

Abel Cine will host the East Coast debut of the Sony F65 digital cinema camera system on Tuesday, November 22, from 6-9 pm. Experts from AbelCine and Sony will provide a complete tour of the camera system. The evening will begin with an overview of the F65 and a discussion of the new advancements in the camera’s sensor design, including… read more…


Call for SOC Tech Awards

 2012 SOCIETY OF CAMERA OPERATORS TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS CALL FOR ENTRIES The Society of Camera Operators (SOC) invites innovators, businesses, and inventors to submit products and technology that have made a distinct contribution to the art and craft of the camera operator. The awards will be presented by the SOC at the 2012 Society of Camera Operators Lifetime Achievement Awards, on… read more…


Ron Howard at Canon

Canon Continues Cinema Campaign in City. Less than two weeks after the dazzling debut of the Cinema EOS C300 camera at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, Canon rolled out the red carpet in front of New York’s Museum of Natural History.  It was the premiere of the short film “When You Find Me,” produced by Ron Howard and directed by his daughter… read more…


Leica Photo Competition

INVITATION TO SUBMIT ENTRIES FOR THE 2012 LEICA OSKAR BARNACK AWARD Leica Camera AG invites professional photographers to submit entries to the Leica Oskar Barnack Award, an international photography competition. Photographers wishing to take part may submit their projects online between January 16 and March 1, 2012. The terms and conditions of entry can be downloaded from shortly before the start… read more…


Michael Phillips at Cineworks

Michael Phillips has joined Louisiana-based Cineworks as Chief Technology Officer.  He will direct research and development in digital production processes and provide workflow consulting to Cineworks clients. Prior to joining Cineworks, Phillips was Principal Product Designer and Market Solutions Manager for Post at Avid Technology, Inc. I’ve known Michael since he was one of the pioneers at Avid. He’s been… read more…


Broadcast India 2011

Broadcast India, organized by Kavita Meer of Saicom Trade Fairs & Exhibitions Pvt Ltd, was back as a hit this year. The 2011 Broadcast India show was held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai (Bombay) from October 20 to 22, 2011. Along with the exhibition, Broadcast India also held a two day conference: a platform for informative presentations, lively… read more…



A line of moviegoers stretched around the block outside the Regal Cinemas in downtown Los Angeles at 1 pm on Saturday, November 5. Hundreds of people from the filmmaking societies and guilds were waiting to enter an advance screening of Martin Scorsese’s newest film Hugo. Not only has this film been much anticipated for being Scorsese’s first using 3D, but… read more…


RED Scarlet

Once upon a time, Scarlet was a camera on the development roadmap of Red Digital Cinema with a 3K 2/3” sensor and a fixed zoom lens. Delivery deadlines were pushed back until this past summer when all news of the camera ceased. Some wondered aloud if the camera would happen at all. Then RED scheduled a delivery announcement for Scarlet… read more…


Interview with Canon Managing Director Mr. Maeda

The day after the Cinema EOS launch at Paramount Studios, Jon Fauer interviewed Mr. Masaya Maeda, Canon’s Managing Director and Chief Executive of Image Communication Products Operations. Jon Fauer: Mr. Maeda, I think I heard you say yesterday that you started as an engineer. Can you tell us how you began in your career? Mr. Maeda:  Some old stories? Q: … read more…


ARRI Alexa DNxHD on Avid

ARRI Alexa cameras will record native Avid DNxHD as MXF files in-camera on SxS Cards. The downloadable Software Update Packet 6.0 (due January 2012) will enable Avid DNxHD codec data rates of up to 145Mbit/s (bit depth 8 bit) and 220MBit/s (bit depth 10 bit) to be supported in the initial release. Avid’s highest quality version of the codec, Avid DNxHD 444,… read more…

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LDI Lighting Show

Looking for location lighting gear at LDI is a bit like being a vegan at a steak house. There’s a big menu but not much  you can order. With the show’s primary focus on theater and live entertainment, LDI attracted some manufacturers of TV studio lighting gear but many location oriented companies were absent. Even industry leaders Mole and Arri… read more…


Canon C300 Article Updated with Pictures

The Canon C300 article posted 2 days ago has now been updated with pictures from Canon and from the Paramount premiere.  


Canon 4K DSLR/Cine Camera

Almost lost in the flurry of Canon C300 announcements was an enticing Canon 4K concept camera under glass described as “coming soon.” (It’s in the showcase as you enter, lower right.) Canon is working on a new- EOS-series digital SLR 4K camera. It will have a 35mm full-frame (24 x 36 mm) CMOS sensor and will record  4K 24p using… read more…


Canon Cinema EOS C300

Cameras have sometimes been described, modestly, as boxes onto which lenses are attached. Some of these boxes change the way we shoot motion pictures, especially when they are lighter, smaller, and faster. Technology influences technique, and two new cameras were introduced by Canon at an exclusive event in the Paramount Theater on November 3. They are the Canon Cine EOS… read more…


Canon Hollywood Event

Follow us here tomorrow afternoon between 3pm and 6pm PST for information on Canon’s announcement at Paramount Studios in Hollywood.