Canon 4K DSLR/Cine Camera

Almost lost in the flurry of Canon C300 announcements was an enticing Canon 4K concept camera under glass described as “coming soon.” (It’s in the showcase as you enter, lower right.)

Canon is working on a new- EOS-series digital SLR 4K camera. It will have a 35mm full-frame (24 x 36 mm) CMOS sensor and will record  4K 24p using Motion-JPEG compression).

Details,  product name, specifications and delivery have not been revealed. The “C” on the body tells us something: “Cine.”







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  2. Jeffrey says:

    These days instead of 4K video. I’d rather have a camera capable of doing RAW video. Which seems right now to only be the C300 or the Red. The depth is in the shadows and to be able to see many more levels of blacks is nicer that just a bigger screen IMO. Especially since most people don’t even have a way to show these 4K videos yet. There’s not many movie theaters that are even set up for 4K yet.