InterBEE 2011 Tokyo

InterBEE 2011, held November 16-19 near Tokyo, had companies from 34 countries exhibiting cinema, video and audio products in 1329 booths. There were more than 30,000 visitors–a record attendance.

Slideshow, above. My quick impressions: 3D was almost gone. The flavor of the show was 4K and 8K.

The company that introduced a 4K recorder 2 years ago introduced an 8K UNCOMPRESSED recorder.

Sony had a hugh screen, with projectors.

Canon introduced their C300 in Japan.

Mitsubishi to my surprise only consumer Panels.

GIN-ICHI, previously importer of Pro Photo gear and also Pro Foto Studio Flash, suddenly turned motion….They now also represent GoPro.

We saw our friends from Band Pro, 16×9 Inc, Chrosziel, Tiffen, Steadicam, Lowel, cmotion, Fujifilm Corp, etc.

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