Michael Phillips at Cineworks

Michael Phillips has joined Louisiana-based Cineworks as Chief Technology Officer.  He will direct research and development in digital production processes and provide workflow consulting to Cineworks clients. Prior to joining Cineworks, Phillips was Principal Product Designer and Market Solutions Manager for Post at Avid Technology, Inc.

I’ve known Michael since he was one of the pioneers at Avid. He’s been my constant post production guru. We met while experimenting with one of the first on-set editing systems trying to capture video assist and timecode from my Arri 35BL tethered to a giant Avid affectionately called (by us) the Albatross. I think it stored about 10 MB of data, and its cooling fans were louder than a 2C motor. Michael was the post production supervisor on our film, “Cinematographer Style,”orchestrated major support for the project from Avid Technology, and coordinated sometimes simultaneous editing in NY, LA and Tewksbury.

“Michael is one of the most respected technology professionals in the business today,” said Cineworks President Vinny Hogan.

Phillips was a co-inventor of the Avid Film Composer, for which he was awarded a Sci-Tech Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Phillips is an inventor with many patents in compositing, surround sound, and interactive technologies, and was the recipient of the Massachusetts Innovator of the Year Award. In addition to technology, Phillips is an active producer, editor and consultant, with credits including “Meet the Mobsters,” “Jack in the Box,” “Leon (The Professional),” “The Fifth Element,” and “Milk,” along with the award-winning “Cinematographer Style.”He is co-author of “Digital Filmmaking: The Changing Art Form of Making Movies,” published by Focal Press.

Cineworks CEO Tony Maiorana said, “We continue to set a very high bar for ourselves, our clients and the work that we do. Michael only elevates that bar further and enables us to offer an increasingly high level of service.”

Cineworks Louisiana is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cineworks Digital Studios, a comprehensive post-production facility for feature films, commercials and music videos. With headquarters in New Orleans, the company has a full motion picture film lab, telecine and datacine transfer operations, color correction suites and digital intermediate services, along with technical and account services at satellite operations in Baton Rouge and Shreveport. Cineworks’ clients include Universal, TNT, Sony and Warner Bros. Cineworks’ recent credits include “I Love You Philip Morris,” “The Mechanic,” “Trespass,” “The Lucky One” and “Season of the Witch.”

Cineworks President Vinny Hogan is an Associate Member of the American Society of Cinematographers, a member of the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers and the Association of Cinema & Video Laboratories.

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