Jean-Marc Bouchut joins Band Pro

Jean-Marc Bouchut has joined Band Pro as Senior Product Manager – Angenieux. Widely known and respected in the industry, Jean-Marc worked at Angenieux for 30 years in R&D, service and sales. 

It’s in the family. Jean-Marc grew up in a small village about 7 miles from the Angenieux factory in Saint-Héand. In the early 1960s, his father worked in the optical department at Angenieux grinding lenses. A year later, he left to run his own farm. 

Jean-Marc Bouchut’s father, second from left in blue coat, grinding lenses at Angenieux in the 1960s. Photo courtesy of Angenieux.

In 1988, Jean-Marc joined Angenieux as an intern and then completed a Masters degree in engineering at the University of Nancy. Angenieux hired him in November 1990 as Manager of the R&D lab. He and his team tested optical systems, did quality control,  and worked on product development (including Super16 lenses). 

He moved to the US in November 1998 to work at Angenieux’s New Jersey facility. At first, he was supporting the broadcast product line in the US market. His responsibilities expanded to the cinema product line in 2001 with the introduction of the Optimo 24-290 Zoom. By the late 2000s,  he was in charge of technical support for the Americas and sales manager for Latin America. Ultimately, his resonsibilities for the Angenieux cinema line included Optimo lightweight zooms, Optimo DP Series, Optimo Anamorphic Series, 12x Optimo Ultra and, most recently, Optimo Primes.

Jean-Marc Bouchut’s new position at Band Pro will involve coordinating technical matters of Angenieux EZ Zooms and Optimo Primes. He will support the sales and marketing teams  at Band Pro as well as customers and clients in the Americas. A very important responsibility will be after-sales support: Jean-Marc will supervise Angenieux lens service at Band Pro and at select service centers. He will also do training of lens technicians at rental houses.

Jean-Marc will continue to be based in New York City and will be “the face of Band Pro and 16x9inc” on the East Coast.


Jean-Marc Bouchut at Cannes 2018

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