Ian Casas, Band Pro’s Key Grip


Ian S. Casas has joined Band Pro Film & Digital in Burbank as Product Manager in charge of sales and support for the Cinetech Italiana Dolly line and related grip products.

Ian is an accomplished Hollywood Dolly Grip and Key Grip with numerous credits, including Anchor Man, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and National Treasure.

Cinetech Italiana Dollies are beautifully made in the company’s factory near Cinecitta, Rome. Capinera is the one. Lightweight (187 lb — easy to carry up stairs), compact, its arm booms up/down 32 in. Minimum height is 11 inches; maximum is 43 inches.

For more information or demos, contac:  Ian.Casas (at) bandpro.com

or call Ian Casas at  (818) 841-9655



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