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Preview NAB Edition

Download a free 12-page PDF preview of Film and Digital Times’ NAB Edition. But lots more is coming. The complete 96-page epic is brimming with new and up-to-now NDA (non-disclosure) products — printing in a secret location, delivering to NAB in undisclosed trucks, as usual, in time for opening day. Free copies of the printed edition will be found in our big… read more…

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Pegasus2 R4 Thunderbolt JBOD

Use the 4 drives from your old Mac Pro with your new Mac Pro in a new Thunderbolt enclosure from Promise. The Promise Pegasus2 R4 “Diskless” System lets us remove the 4 drives from an old Mac Pro tower and put them into the 4 drive trays of the Pegasus2 for Thunderbolt access on new Mac Pros and MacBook Pros…. read more…

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Codex Action Cam

  FDTimes begins a few online teasers and excerpts from our upcoming 96-page NAB edition. Codex gets into the camera business.  At NAB 2014, Codex Digital introduces Action CAM, a tiny camera with big potential. Why is this so interesting and how is it different from itty bitty cameras that have come before? Look at the picture above and see… read more…


NAB Show

4/5/14 – 4/10/14
NAB 2014: Film and Digital Times: NAB Booth C10006

Visit Film and Digital Times Booth C10006 (next to Sony, across Band Pro) for Free NAB Edition of Film and Digital Times (Issue 60, April 2014) Schedule: Lectures and Conferences Saturday April 5 – Sunday April 6 Exhibits Monday April 7  9am – 6pm Tues April 8        9am – 6pm Wed April 9        9am –… read more…

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Clairmont gets Optimo Anamorphic

The first Angenieux Optimo Anamorphic 56-152 mm T4 zoom lens was just delivered to Clairmont Camera Hollywood. “We just checked it out and it looks great,” said a happy Denny Clairmont. “It’s ready to go out on any one of a number of anamorphic shows we’re prepping.” This is a lightweight zoom with 2x anamorphic squeeze—approximately the size and weight of… read more…

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Cooke Anamorphic Lens Designers

I visited Cooke Optics in Leicester, England the other day for a tour of the factory and to find out more about the Cooke Anamorphic lenses coming up at NAB. The result is an in-depth study in the April issue of FDTimes on how these anamorphic lenses are made — with a look at the teams who design, manufacture and… read more…

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Micro Salon Italia 2014

 [fsg_gallery id=”1″] The 2nd annual Micro Salon Italia took place this year a few weeks after the original Paris Micro Salon. Staged at Rome’s Cinecittà Studios, which is now its usual venue, it attracted  Italian and leading international manufacturers, distributors and rental companies. Everyone supported the AIC in expanding from last year’s Stage 1 to Stage 1 and 2, with… read more…

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Lentequip USB Charger for iPhones

…And not just iPhones. How many times are we on set, desperately running low on power for iPhone, iPad, camera, GoPro, RED Remote—all those essential gadgets that charge with a USB cable? But we’re surrounded by camera batteries. If only we could plug into one of them. Lentequip’s iOS compatible USB charger connects to any 8-32 Volt DC power source… read more…

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Micro Salon Paris 2014 Slideshow

It’s like Cine Gear in French, with fine food, flowing champagne, new equipment, and some gear we don’t usually see elsewhere. The 14th annual AFC Micro Salon resumed at La Femis Film School on Friday and Saturday February 7-8, 2014. Article by Jean-Noël Ferragut, AFC, et Vincent Jeannot, AFC. Photos by Pauline Maillet for Angénieux. And here are 119 FDTimes pictures. Click… read more…


Aaton Cantar-X3

Aaton’s eagerly anticipated new Cantar-X3 audio recorder premiered in prototype at the AFC Micro Salon in Paris. This successor to the Cantar-X2 has a new GUI and display designed by Transvideo. It promises more inputs and tracks, has a water resistant and dust proof housing, and color-coded controls. Pre-orders begin after NAB2014 for delivery later this year. (Aaton is now Aaton… read more…

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Half a Summilux-C at Westlicht

Not yet a Leica Summilux-C cine lens owner?  Now you can get a cherished Summilux-C 100 mm T1.4 lens at a drastically reduced price. Well…er…half a Summilux-C lens. Place your bid at Westlicht Photographica Auctions for this cutaway model. Looking for a new look more outrageous than irreversibly sandblasting precious coatings off the fronts of your pristine lenses (may void warranty)? If… read more…

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RED Dragons in Paris

RVZ Rentals in Paris had their new RED Carbon Fiber Dragons at the AFC Micro Salon the other day. One was dangling from a MoVi and fitted with Leica Summicron-C primes (they cover the >34mm 6K image circle).   Back at the RVZ shop, Samuel Renollet showed the Dragon with Leica mount and his Leica Noctilux 50mm f/1.0 Still Camera… read more…

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NAB 2014

Register Now for a Free NAB Exhibits Only Pass courtesy of Film and Digital Times before March 21, 2014. Click on “Exhibits Only.” In the “Apply Discount” box on the right, enter promo code: LV6422