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Lentequip USB Charger for iPhones

…And not just iPhones. How many times are we on set, desperately running low on power for iPhone, iPad, camera, GoPro, RED Remote—all those essential gadgets that charge with a USB cable? But we’re surrounded by camera batteries. If only we could plug into one of them. Lentequip’s iOS compatible USB charger connects to any 8-32 Volt DC power source… read more…

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Sony Spraycam NX70

We’re in Helsinki, Finland testing Sony’s new hostile environment HXR-NX70 camcorder at the 2011 Open European Sailing Championships. Sailors representing 50 countries are competing in pre-Olympic trials in conditions ranging from sweltering calm to 30 mph gusts and rain. If I had a truckload of new Sony NX70 cameras here on the dock I wouldn’t have to write this article–I could comfortably… read more…

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