Lentequip USB Charger for iPhones


…And not just iPhones. How many times are we on set, desperately running low on power for iPhone, iPad, camera, GoPro, RED Remote—all those essential gadgets that charge with a USB cable?

But we’re surrounded by camera batteries. If only we could plug into one of them.

Lentequip’s iOS compatible USB charger connects to any 8-32 Volt DC power source and will output regulated 5 Volt DC  with a maximum current of 2 Amps. This means a quick charge.

There are two models. You can order a version that plugs into the P-Tap outlet on your battery, or a version for a  3-pin Fischer ARRI-style RS accessory connector. The input of the charger is protected with a fuse. The output is both short-circuit protected and also incorporates a safety clamping circuit to ensure that your devices remain safe. A green LED indicates that the output voltage is present. The indicator can be seen through the translucent enclosure, which measures only 60 x 35 x 15 mm (LWH).  The cable is 20 cm long.

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