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Micro Salon Italia 2014

 [fsg_gallery id=”1″] The 2nd annual Micro Salon Italia took place this year a few weeks after the original Paris Micro Salon. Staged at Rome’s Cinecittà Studios, which is now its usual venue, it attracted  Italian and leading international manufacturers, distributors and rental companies. Everyone supported the AIC in expanding from last year’s Stage 1 to Stage 1 and 2, with… read more…

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Micro Salon Italia 2013

by Jacques Lipkau Goyard. Rome, January 25-26, 2013 Neither recession. political chaos, elections, nor winter weather could dampen the spirits of newborn “Micro Salon Italia” which was a huge and unexpected success. “Micro Salon Italia” is not a rip-off but a bona fide Italian job, thanks to Paolo Rossato’s intuition, hard work, planning and promotion along with the co-operation of… read more…

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