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Scorpio Full Frame Anamorphic 2x Lenses

It was a crackly, barely audible yet reliably confirmed source the mobile phone. Did I hear correctly? It was OK to publish this news? Let’s hope so: Servicevision will announce Scorpio Full Frame Anamorphic 2x Lenses at IBC. They will be call FFA — as in Full Frame Anamorphic. 2x squeeze. Same maximum aperture of T2.2 as the Scorpio 2x Anamorphic S35 set. They will be the same size, or close to it. Resolution and look will be the same. There will be a whole set. Zooms as well. The lens assembly team at Servicevision has been working on the FFA lenses for some time, and they should be ready to ship in about 4 months. read more…

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Servicevision 0.81x Wide Angle Adapter

Want to go wider with your Leica Summilux-C, Summicron-C, or other 95mm front diameter wide prime lens? Servicevision, who also make Scorpiolens Anamorphics, introduced an 0.81x Wide Angle Adapter at NAB. With this adapter, a 16mm Summilux-C is approximately equivalent to a 12mm. read more…

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Scorpiolens Anamorphic Video

ServiceVision presented a 7 minute 30 second video at NAB, “Walk in Barcelona.” Shot with their Scorpiolens 35, 75 and 100 mm 2x anamorphic lenses, with a hauntingly beautiful score by Jordi Solans and Narcis Coromines. Here it is on Vimeo. More info at Servicevision.es   

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Scorpio Anamorphic Lenses

When Andres and Alfredo Valles and Pedro Povill invited me to visit them in Barcelona, I jumped. Barcelona is one of the great cities on earth for architecture, daring cuisine, and a bold new journey by Servicevision into anamorphic lens manufacturing. The pundits were prognosticating that it couldn’t be done: designed by lady, made in Spain, by a bunch of… read more…

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Scorpiolens Anamorphic Prime Lenses

Andres Valles surprised me on NAB opening day with a preview of a set of 13 Scorpiolens anamorphic primes to be introduced at IBC in September. He also introduced me to the lens designer, physicist and optical engineer Cristina Alcaide. read more…

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