Scorpiolens Anamorphic Prime Lenses

The Servicevision Booth was directly across from ours at NAB. Managing Director and Cinematographer Andres Valles surprised me on opening day with a preview of a set of 13 Scorpiolens anamorphic primes to be introduced at IBC in September. He also introduced me to the lens designer, physicist and optical engineer Cristina Alcaide.

The Scorpiolens anamorphics are all 2x squeeze, and all have a slender front diameter of 95 mm. They are T2.0 from 24 through 100 mm. 130 to 260 mm are T2.8. The 300 mm is T3. Average length of the lenses is a mere 6.3 inches. The 24, 28, 150, and 200 mm are 7.5 inches long. The 260 mm is 8.3 inches, and 300 mm is 9.6 inches. These are the current design specs–things may change. See the table of specifications:

The Scorpiolens 2x anamorphic lenses are expected to exhibit practically no breathing and very little distortion, even at close focus. They will cover up to ANSI Super 35 Silent aperture (31.14 mm diameter). Feet and meter scales can be exchanged. Internal focus keeps the lens a constant length. Telecentric and multi-aspheric design, high resolution, and consistent optical performance are planned over the entire focus range. Servicevision is the largest motion picture rental house and manufacturing facility in Spain. Offices in the US are in North Hollywood.

L-R: Jon Fauer, Servicevision's Andres Valles, Scorpiolens Optical Engineer Cristina Alcaide, FDTimes and Jayebird Production's' Cassie Jaye.

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