Scorpio Full Frame Anamorphic 2x Lenses

It was a crackly, barely audible yet reliably confirmed source the mobile phone. Did I hear correctly? It was OK to publish this news? Let’s hope so:

  • Servicevision will announce Scorpio Full Frame Anamorphic 2x Lenses at IBC.
  • They will be call FFA — as in Full Frame Anamorphic.
  • 2x squeeze
  • Same maximum aperture of T2.2 as the Scorpio 2x Anamorphic S35 set.
  • They will be the same size, or close to it.
  • Resolution and look will be the same.
  • There will be a whole set.
  • Zooms as well
  • The lens assembly team at Servicevision has been working on the FFA lenses for some time, and they should be ready to ship in about 4 months.

Andres Valles, who owns and runs Servicevision with his brother Alfredo, has been predicting the arrival of Full Frame longer than anyone, except maybe Winfried Scherle at ZEISS. Those Full Frame predictions will be vindicated soon — in early September.

What’s unique about the new Scorpio FFA lenses is their anamorphic 2x squeeze. I don’t know of any other anamorphic lenses that do this. (Ultra Panavision 70 have a 1.25x squeeze and the Hawk65 anamorphics are 1.3x.)

(the picture above is an FDTimes imaginary rendering. The real thing will be revealed soon.)



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  1. Michael Lindsay says:

    Are these rear anamorphics?

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