NAC Open House in Tokyo

NAC Image Technology’s annual Open House event was held on June 24 and 25 at Toei studio in Oizumi, Tokyo. Around 400 visitors attended during the two days.

There were two parts to the event: an exhibition of equipment at a film studio and presentations at a preview theater.  Mr. Franz Kraus, Managing Director of ARRI, lectured to a full house (“Better Motion Pictures on the Big Screen: technical opportunities and obstacles for a more immersive theatrical experience”). Presentations were also given by  Mr. Yamato Ishii (Gaffer),  Mr. Takeshi Hamada (DP), and Mr. Akihiro Yagi (Producer of Toei TV Productions). They talked about their experience and the stories behind their projects.  The delegation from ARRI in Munich included Mr. Kraus, Mr. Zeiler, Mr. Meywald, and Mr. Duerr, as well as Mr. Ivan and Mr. Chu from ARRI ASIA and Mr. Hercher from Codex.

This was the  first hands-on view of ALEXA 65 for Japanese customers. ALEXA Mini and ARRI Sky Panels also got a lot of attention.



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