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DENZ FF Optical Director’s Finder

Because not all anamorphic lenses have a 2x squeeze ratio, DENZ has added two new desqueeze modules to their OIC FF Full Frame Optical Director’s Finder. Now you can view 1.8x and 1.5x in Full Frame anamorphic desqueezed glory.

Scorpio FFA and Glaswerks Anamorphics are 2x; Cooke Full Frame Anamorphics  are 1.8x and Technovision Anamorphic lenses are 1.5x, among others.

The DENZ OIC FF has a lever to flip from spherical to anamorphic (desqueezed) viewing. read more…

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DENZ FDC-LPL Flange Focal Depth Tester

The new DENZ FDC-LPL Multi tool is the latest addition to their line of essential Focal Depth Controllers, joining the FDC Multi which comes in PL mount and a variety of adapters. If you build, buy, rent or use LPL mount  cameras, you need this testing device. read more…

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DENZ Full Frame Portable Lens Projector

There are different methods to test a lens. One of the simplest and most effective is to reverse the “normal” process: the camera lens becomes a projector lens. Lens test projectors have been around for quite some time. But here’s something new. The Portable Lens Checker (PLC) from DENZ is a lightweight, small and versatile test projector for all lenses… read more…

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King Peter (DENZ) Sensor Positioning Gauge

King Peter (KP for short) is the latest optical measuring device for professional digital cinema cameras from DENZ. It provides accurate measurements of the image sensor’s position—including the optical center, rotation around the optical axis, and any deviation of the chip away from perpendicular. read more…

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Denz BP12 Adapter for Alexa

Seen at Cinec, the latest Denz BP12 adapter attaches to the base of ARRI Alexas. The baseplate slides onto industry-standard bridgeplates. Denz bridgeplates come in lengths of 600, 440, 325 and 200 mm and have almost indestructible, Teflon-impregnated hard-coat which provides a smooth surface. www.denz-deniz.com

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Denz 90° Camera Bracket

Denz Digital Camera Bracket 90°  (DCB 90) Portrait mode framing is increasingly popular. (Yes, it’s easier to hold the iPhone vertically to take pictures.) This will surely affect how we view and compose not only stills, but also video. To avoid cropping or pillaring  the sensor area when rotating the aspect ratio vertically, Munich-based manufacturer DENZ, in cooperation with PhotoCineRent in Paris, developed a… read more…

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Denz Anamorphic Viewfinder

  Here’s an anamorphic update on the venerable DENZ optical viewfinder. The OIC 35-A from Munich-based Denz is can switch back and forth between spherical and anamorphic viewing. The ground glass holder has been adapted from the OIC 35 and allows use of all previous Arriflex 435 ground glasses. The new OIC 35-A Anamorphic/Spherical Viewfinder has an adjustable eye-piece (+/-3 diopter), removable eyecup, and comes… read more…

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Denz Denzhead Dutch Head

Here’s an updated and improved Dutch Head from Denz. The new Denzhead “dutches” your camera by pitching it 180° around the optical axis. That’s 90° off horizontal in either direction. The Denzhead normally would be attached on top of your regular fluid or geared head—but it can also be fastened to car mounted, remote heads and rigs. You can quickly… read more…

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Denz PL to Leica M Adapter

Seen at IBC and PhotoPlus Expo NYC, this new adapter from Peter Denz turns the Leica M into a superb Director’s Finder. The PL-to-M mount adapter provides extra support for heavy PL lenses. It attaches to the latest Leica M 240 in place of the camera’s existing base. (If you’re concerned about warranty, better check in advance.) A sliding cover… read more…

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Denz at NAB

Just when I thought all was clear, a torrent of emails from every manufacturer announce additional new gear for NAB that did not make it in time for the hallowed print edition. Peter Denz has a top handle, top plate, supports and rigs for the Sony F5/F55 camera, Accessories for Canon C300/500, and a Power Hub. Most intriguing is a… read more…


Denz Lens Support

Do you need to support a very long lens with mattebox and maybe a rain deflector? All that weight up front will stretch the balance limits of your regular sliding baseplate. Peter Denz’s  Support Plate 600 is  600 mm (23.62”) long. It  is extremely lightweight. The dovetail on  top accepts DENZ BP multi and baseplates from other manufacturers. A  DENZ… read more…


Praezisions-Entwicklung Denz

Ottobrunn is a suburb half an hour south of Munich and a half hour north of the Bavarian Alps. It is the epicenter of fine motion picture machining: hometown of P+S Technik and Praezisions-Entwicklung Denz. I’m here to visit Peter Denz, who began his cine equipment work in 1970 and founded the company in 1977. I had always admired, rented and… read more…