King Peter (DENZ) Sensor Positioning Gauge

This is a “reprint” from the April edition of FDTimes.


King Peter (KP for short) is the latest optical measuring device from DENZ for digital cinema cameras. His previous tool was the  FDC optical measuring device for determining back focus.

KP provides exact measurements of the image sensor’s position in digital cameras—including the optical center, rotation around the optical axis, and any deviation of the chip relative to a perpendicular image plane. KP measures the location of the actual photosites.

In other words, KP is a tool for camera manufacturers and rental houses to be sure the image sensor is positioned correctly.

The theory behind the design of KP is based on a high-precision laser (<1 mW) and an algorithm that determines the pixel position automatically by comparing the laser’s reflection with the sensor’s actual image via SDI output. The measuring head integrates both the laser and a measuring camera. The algorithm is sophisticated enough to ignore interference from filters, cover glass and dust particles.

All parts are manufactured and finished in DENZ’s modern CNC machining facility in Munich. The lens mount is polished stainless steel, the cover is ergonomic, and the high quality optics are coated for long life.

The interface is a touch-screen tablet.

I’m still guessing at the provenance of the King Peter product name.


King Peter Positioning Gauge

King Peter Positioning Gauge

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