Denz PL to Leica M Adapter


Seen at IBC and PhotoPlus Expo NYC, this new adapter from Peter Denz turns the Leica M into a superb Director’s Finder. The PL-to-M mount adapter provides extra support for heavy PL lenses. It attaches to the latest Leica M 240 in place of the camera’s existing base. (If you’re concerned about warranty, better check in advance.)

A sliding cover provides access to SD Card and camera battery. Since the new M has a CMOS sensor with live view, you can compose on the camera’s rear monitor or with its (highly recommended) accessory EVF. And yes, the Leica M shoots rather good HD video should you want to film decisive moments 24 times a second.


The Denz PL to Leica M Adapter comes with removable rosettes to attach handgrips and mounting options.


The adapter will be available from CW Sonderoptic in Wetzlar and distributors near you.


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