DENZ FF Optical Director’s Finder

Because not all anamorphic lenses have a 2x squeeze ratio, DENZ has added two new desqueeze modules to their OIC FF Full Frame Optical Director’s Finder. Now you can view 1.8x and 1.5x in Full Frame anamorphic desqueezed glory.  

Scorpio FFA and Glaswerks Anamorphics are 2x; Cooke Full Frame Anamorphics  are 1.8x and Technovision Anamorphic lenses are 1.5x, among others.  


The DENZ OIC FF has a lever to flip from spherical to anamorphic (desqueezed) viewing.

You can swap modules by unscrewing three hex screws. Do this in a clean, dust-free environment.

Traditional Directors’ Finders can look like long telescopes. but the DENZ OIC FF works like an SLR camera to “fold” and shorten the beam path with precision deflection mirrors.

The 6x magnifying eyepiece has six optical elements, adjusts  -4 to +4 diopters and the eyecup rotates for right or left-eyed viewing.

The lens mount attaches with four screws: PL, LPL, SP70.

Swapping the groundglass for various aspect ratios is simple. The groundglass has a plane parallel design and it is separate from the field lens. This enables DENZ to provide a variety of relatively inexpensive groundglass options with format markings and frame lines using a 3D laser holographic process.


The groundglass is easy to clean. It covers an area greater than Full Format and shows “look-around” areas beyond the frame lines. 

An ergonomically shaped cherry wood handle adjusts with a Hirth tooth rosette. A sliding plate balances heavy lenses and a thread on the bottom lets you attach the OIC FF to a monopod or tripod.



(this article is a “reprint” from FDTimes July 2020 Issue 104)

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