Denz Denzhead Dutch Head


Here’s an updated and improved Dutch Head from Denz. The new Denzhead “dutches” your camera by pitching it 180° around the optical axis. That’s 90° off horizontal in either direction.

The Denzhead normally would be attached on top of your regular fluid or geared head—but it can also be fastened to car mounted, remote heads and rigs. You can quickly mount the Denzhead with a Euro-style Touch & Go Plate mounted on the bottom.

The Denzhead has 3 gear ratios ­1:2, 1:1 and 2:1. The head can be controlled with a flexible shaft. You can also attach a zoom motor and dutch the Denzhead remotely with a zoom control or remote lens control unit. Width: 297 mm, height: 114 mm, depth: 125 mm.

DSC02846-FDTimes Denzhead16-fdtimes

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