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AbelCine Spring Tech Showcase NY

The AbelCine Spring Tech Showcase, at their Industry City, Brooklyn location took place on Saturday, May 21. It was an enjoyable, focused, not-massive, local event — a full day of exhibits by the major camera, lens and lighting manufacturers, panel discussions and tech sessions. It was the premiere of the new BLACKWING7 amber skin lens variant from TRIBE7. Jay Holben was there, signing his definitive and encyclopedic The Cine Lens Manual. Canon showed their new T2.4 Flex Full Frame zooms. Tim Smith showed how seamless and simple it was to customize Angenieux Optimo Primes with their swappable internal element, swappable irises, front and rear filters. Motion Impossible’s remote controlled, modular, motorized Agito dolly  glided through the halls, navigated by Ben Dair, Chief Product Officer. read more…

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Blackwing7 News on 7/7

There’s something special about the number 7.

Tribe7, makers of Full Frame, tunable Blackwing7 lenses are especially attuned to sevens. Initially, there were seven focal lengths, each ending in a seven: 27, 37, 47, 57, 77, 107 and 137 mm. An additional focal length, 20.7mm, has been introduced.

And so, on 7/7 of this year, Tribe7 announces that Blackwing7 lenses will be distributed exclusively in North America by AbelCine. The news follows on the heels of TRIBE7 announcements that Second Reef GmbH is the exclusive distributor of the Blackwing7 lenses in Europe. And, CVP is the exclusive distributor in the UK. read more…

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Motion Impossible and AbelCine

AGITO is an exciting, stabilized, modular, remote camera dolly system. Robb Drewett, CEO, and Andy Nancollis, CDO, are the co-founders of Motion Impossible and creators of AGITO. Pete Abel is CEO of AbelCine, with locations in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Jeff Lee is Director of Education at AbelCine. read more…

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Across from AbelCine: Moore Brothers Wine Co

  There are many good reasons to visit AbelCine at their new location in Industry City, Brooklyn. Among these is a fantastic wine store across the alley from AbelCine’s main entrance: Moore Brothers Wine Company. Franz Wieser was the first to rave about the place. Moore Brothers Wine Company was founded in 1996 by Greg Moore, Sommelier and General Manager… read more…

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New AbelCine Website

AbelCine’s new website has gone live. It is blazingly fast and well organized. It senses when you’re using an iPhone, smartphone or tablet, so you can shop, rent or learn anywhere. Searching is simple and quick, with tabs and filters to help narrow results. The search box is also smart. For example, if you can’t remember how to spell KipperTie, results will start showing up once you get to “kipper.” The website is a great reference for product specs.

 read more…

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AbelCine at Industry City

AbelCine’s New York operation is expanding to Industry City, a vibrant, new community of artists, artisans, innovators, designers, businesses, restaurants, retail spaces, art galleries and factory outlets on the Brooklyn waterfront. AbelCine’s new 12,500 square foot Development Center is already up and running at Industry City, working on R&D, engineering, manufacturing, and systems integration. read more…

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AbelCine Chicago Fall Expo

AbelCine Chicago Fall Expo: Gear, Demos, Hands-on time, Lectures

AbelCine’s Fall Tech Expo returns on October 8.  It is a free, all-day event. Like last year, the Fall Tech Expo at AbelCine provides hands-on, ECU time with all the latest gear that was announced at NAB, Cinegear, and IBC — and more.  The day’s activities will include: Gear Manufacturers will set up in AbelCine’s Chicago Learning Point area, with the latest gear from Canon, Panasonic, Teradek, IDX, ARRI,… read more…

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Optic Service Technician – AbelCine NY

Location: New York, NY Department: Service – NY Type: Full Time Min. Experience: Mid Level   AbelCine is a supplier to the motion picture, broadcast and new media industries. They offer sales, training, rental, repair and finance services to the professional production community with offices in NY, CHI and LA. The NYC headquarters is currently seeking a Service Technician to join our… read more…

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AbelCine 25 Year Anniversary

AbelCine 25th Anniversary: Burbank Event

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of AbelCine at their Burbank location: Saturday, October 18 — 10am to 5pm AbelCine 801 South Main Street Burbank, CA 91506 Phone: 888-700-4416 www.abelcine.com Filmmakers have been going to AbelCine for 25 years for individual sales, support, service, and essential hand-holding. “What esoteric, exotic Peruvian mahagony wooden handgrip fits my custom-made magnesium camera bracket?” has been a recurrent question since the… read more…


AbelCine Documentary Grant

Dancing with the Documentaries. America’s Top Docs. Doc Survivor. Whatever you want to call this competition, it could a great way to get a substantial amount of equipment rentals for your next documentary project. The 2013 AbelCine Documentary Grant gives you the chance to win one of three equipment usage grants. Create a 2-5 minute video pitch and upload it… read more…

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AbelCine Open House

AbelCine Open House: AbelCine's Burbank Office

AbelCine opened their doors to an open house on July 20 at their 801 South Main Street, Burbank, CA office. The Open House included free seminars on Phantom Flex4K, Arri ALEXA, Sony CineAlta and Canon Cinema EOS cameras. AbelCine Technical Specialists, manufacturers, and guests answered questions and demoed equipment. There was be a silent auction, and raffles of gear donated by manufacturers,… read more…


AbelCine Vision Research Mo Awards

This being Award Season, the first Mo (Slow Motion) Awards were announced on Friday, March 1 at AbelCine in New York. The Miro High-Speed Inspiration Challenge was hosted by AbelCine and Vision Research. Hundreds of submissions were reviewed and the most promising 5 were given the chance to shoot a short using a Phantom Miro M320S and complete lens/accessory package… read more…

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AbelCine’s Canon Charts

AbelCine has posted wonderfully graphic, helpful charts of the current Canon line of Cinema Lenses and Cameras.  read more…

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Phantom Miro Update

Here’s an update of our NAB Phantom Miro article, with stupendous slow motion footage and behind-the-scenes from filmmaker Jim Geduldick.  read more…

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