New AbelCine Website

AbelCine’s new website has gone live. It is blazingly fast and well organized. 

It senses when you’re using an iPhone, smartphone or tablet, so you can shop, rent or learn anywhere. Searching is simple and quick, with tabs and filters to help narrow results. The search box is also smart. For example, if you can’t remember how to spell KipperTie, results will start showing up once you get to “kipper.”

The website is a great reference for product specs. Online sales and rentals is easy and reflects the deep knowledge of the AbelCine staff.

It is now easier to find information on services, workshops, and contacts at AbelCine.

An AbelCine account is the portal into the site: personal or business.


Those of us with an account on the old site will need create a new one. The good news is this account will work for all online transactions with AbelCine, including sales, rental and training.


AbelCine will be rolling out new features over the coming months:

  • Online classes will be returning with new content.
  • Expanded curated selection of professional products.
  • More features and improvements to the account.
  • More ways to communicate directly with the AbelCine team through the site
  • New AbelCine-Malkames Museum: The First Cinemakers



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