Across from AbelCine: Moore Brothers Wine Co


There are many good reasons to visit AbelCine at their new location in Industry City, Brooklyn. Among these is a fantastic wine store across the alley from AbelCine’s main entrance: Moore Brothers Wine Company. Franz Wieser was the first to rave about the place.

Moore Brothers Wine Company was founded in 1996 by Greg Moore, Sommelier and General Manager of the famous Le Bec-Fin restaurant in Philadelphia, and his brother David, a prominent wine retailer.

Bring a light fleece or sweatshirt, the temperature at Moore Brothers shop is a brisk 56° — which is the same temperature they have their wines shipped in special temperature-controlled containers from Europe.

The selection of wines is deep and reasonably priced. The Moores represent winegrowers committed to natural farming, small production, and the traditions of their regions. Many of the producers  are among the finest in the world.

Their tasting table is usually open with wines ready to pour–all the better to put you in a magnanimous mood prior to buying  the latest LF or VENICE or MONSTRO, and then to revisit the Moore Brothers for a second round and a case of the latest Burgundy that they will be happy to ship home for you.


L-R: Ecco Adler, Terry Moore, Adrian Bridges of Moore Brothers

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