AbelCine’s Canon Charts

AbelCine has posted wonderfully graphic, helpful charts of the current Canon line of Cinema Lenses and Cameras. Visit Abelcine’s website for more information about the lens chart.

Canon lenses are legendary in the still photography world. Their new line of cinema lenses match that look, with thoughtful and durable design. Here’s the link to AbelCine’s PDF Canon lens chart: Canon Cinema EOS Lens Lineup.

This chart includes details on mount, minimum object distance, image circle coverage, weight, and other information.

AbelCine has also posted a new chart comparing the Canon Cinema EOS Camera product line:  C500C300,  C100, and EOS-1DC. Here’s the direct link to Abelcine’s PDF: Canon Cinema EOS Camera Lineup.

This chart compares lens mount, frame rates, resolution, inputs, etc.

More links and information about current incentives:  Abelcine Canon Specialty Shop.

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