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ARRI Amira $39.9K

As expected, ARRI announced the price of Amira cameras today. The camera with viewfinder base price is $39,999.00. A large and varied list of accessories and options allow the camera to be customized. The Amira, in case anyone missed the demos at IBC and elsewhere, is a documentary-style, shoulder-resting, 35mm HD and 2K camera. The ergonomics are superb, remind me… read more…

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International FDTimes Online

Film and Digital Times February 2014 Double Issue 58-59 is now online and ready to download for subscribers. (Click on the SUBSCRIBER DOWNLOAD button, above left). Here is the introduction — also available in the free preview. read more…

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French FDTimes Online

Just in time for the AFC annual Micro Salon in Paris, our 28-page FDTimes Special Edition in French  is now online and free to download. 28 Pages, 5.5 MB. This and all French editions can be downloaded free:

Cooke Lecture in NYC

Les Zellan, Chairman of Cooke Optics Limited, comes to New York with his lecture on lens manufacturing for the motion picture industry. Topics include: History of Cooke An inside look at lens manufacturing at the company’s factory in Leicester, England The “Cooke Look,” how it began, what it is, and how it looks in film and digital Metadata and Cooke’s /i Technology… read more…

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Cree LED Practicals

I was looking for good LED practicals shaped practically like regular lightbulbs. Something to replace the venerable 75 watt tungsten 211 bulb inside a paper Chinese lantern without the thrill of fire hazard or incineration. And to replace the tungsten and CFL bulbs in the office and at home. Jim Sanfilippo, President of NILA, makers of Zaila, Varsa, Boxer and… read more…

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