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Hoodman Cinema Kit Pro

PhotoPlus Expo in New York is always a great place for cinematographers to learn many tricks of still photographers, and to find all kinds of great equipment we often don’t get to see. It’s a huge market–over 34,000 photographers attended this event. We’ll discuss lots of cameras, lenses, and support equipment shortly. But the gadget I bought this  afternoon from… read more…

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Lee Utterbach Closes after 31 Years

Lee Utterbach Inc, the last 35mm camera rental house in the San Francisco Bay area is closing shop. The end of an era. Casey Hirshfeld sent us the news. You can read it on the Lee Utterbach Website. Here’s a summary: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the clients, production people, camera people, vendors, friends… read more…


Birns & Sawyer Moves

Birns & Sawyer has moved a couple of miles to a convenient new location at: 5275 Craner Ave.   North Hollywood, CA 91601   Phone  323.466.8211  Web:


Createasphere Expo Burbank

Createasphere’s Entertainment Technology Expo (formerly HD EXPO) will be held at the Burbank Marriott Hotel on November 3 & 4.  There will be a full line of professional cameras and hundreds of products on the expo floor, and a hands-on Gear Alley just outside the convention hall. Pick up a complimentary copy of Film and Digital Times at the show. There will also… read more…


iDC System One

They call it iDC System One. Check it out at PhotoPlus Expo in New York, October 28, 29, 30 — in the Video Pavilion, Booth #562. System One is the latest big idea from iDC Photo Video. Rails instead of rods. They’re standard Manfrotto/Gitzo dovetail size–so they slide right into your tripod head without having to bolt on additional plates. Director/Cinematographer/Photographer/Explorer of… read more…


ARRI ALEXA Tour in English and Spanish

ALEXA now has a page of her own: The 24 page Film and Digital Times ARRI ALEXA article is available as a PDF download in high, medium and low resolution. You’ll also find links to the Spanish translation, by Nina Liberman, proofed and checked by Ernesto Musitelli. Join Jon Fauer on a Cinematographer’s Tour of ARRI ALEXA from Concept… read more…


Clairmont Ground Glass Guide

Film has been a universal standard with a hundred years of legacy. However, it’s been a standard with many variations. The wizards of Clairmont Camera have completed a 70 page catalog of all the different ground glasses and formats they’ve dealt with. It’s available online: a valuable resource, with measurements in metric and inches, and superb, true-to-scale line drawings. Credits… read more…

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Stephen Stough on Sensors at High Altitude

When Bill Bennett, ASC suggested an article on sensors at high altitude, and the perils of shipping digital cameras by air, I immediately got in touch with Stephen Stough (picture at left) — Cinematographer, Producer, and President of Tradecraft Films. Stephen Stough knows a thing or two about technology, physics (Univ of California at Berkeley) and sensors (he was business… read more…

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Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival Symposium

Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival will present a symposium October 26-28, 2010 for Museum, Broadcast and Filmmaking Professionals at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Topics will include high-end, large-format, 3-D programming; exhibit installations and interactive media. Museums and cultural institutions will present opportunities for collaboration with broadcasters and filmmakers. Join bright minds from the industry for an inside look… read more…

Get a Grip on your Mattebox

OConnor has built a better mousetrap…er…mattebox. The company known for its fluid heads and tripods is really using its head. They’ve come up with a new line of matteboxes: the OConnor O-Box WM (Wide Mini). It’s another one of those products that will have you banging hand on head in wonderment, “why didn’t anyone think of this before?” The clearly… read more…


Panasonic AG-AF100 4/3″ Camcorder

After stirring up a frenzy of interest at IBC, Panasonic announced today that their AG-AF100 Micro 4/3-inch video camcorder  will start shipping on December 27th at a suggested list price of $4,995. We don’t usually publish prices here, but this is so low, it almost looks like a misprint. It isn’t. Introduced at NAB 2010, the AF100 delivers the shallow… read more…


Transvideo Special Alexa Monitor Package

Transvideo is offering a special monitor package for ARRI Alexas. The package includes CineMonitorHD8 SBL (SuperBright), 3DSwing arm and clamp, sliding baseplate, sun shade, 1x RS3 power cable 2x HD BNC cables 1x Cooke /i lens cable. It all comes in a waterproof Pelican case, and the combined kit saves you enough Euros to buy even more equipment or to… read more…


Isco 140-420 mm Zoom on Canon 7D PL

From Clairmont Camera in Vancouver–the giant Isco 140-420 mm T2.7 zoom on a Canon 7D PL (in a Viewfactor cage). Photo and info courtesy Jon Johnson, VP/General Manager of Clairmont Camera Vancouver.


2011 Academy Awards

Find out who will win!

Angénieux Optimo Bleu on ARRI ALEXA

Three pretty models for hand-holding: Linda, Alexa and Angénieux Optimo DP Rouge…er…Bleu. We’ve tested and confirmed that Optimo DP Rouge zooms balance well and fit on ARRI ALEXA and ALEXA Plus. The rear element of both the Optimo DP 16-42 mm T2.8 and the 30-80 mm T2.8 lightweight zooms protrude 31 mm from the PL flange. This distance is well in… read more…

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IBC 2010 Slideshow

Our IBC 2010 Slideshow is now up and running: click here to view the 516 pictures by Fauer, Uhlig and Laperal. For thumbnails of all IBC 2010 images, click here. Or navigate directly to our ARTICLES page.


Cinec 2010 Slideshow

Click here to view a slideshow of 335 pictures from Cinec 201o. Photos by Fauer, Matthias Uhlig and Oli Laperal. For thumbnails of all images, go to: Photos are copyright FDTIMES. For permission to use, please contact us. To download or order individual shots from Flickr, click on the thumbnail. Next, click on ACTIONS (top, left). Select “VIEW ALL… read more…


Astrid Preston Exhibition

Astrid Preston’s paintings remind you how much hard work can be required in art. Van Gogh tried pointillism and gave up, finding it too arduous. Astrid’s art is as meticulous as it is breathtakingly beautiful. Her landscapes and views of nature are incredibly photographically detailed and abstract at the same time. Her current work “east west spring fall,” going on… read more…

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Join us on a 24 page Cinematographer’s Tour of ARRI ALEXA from Concept through Construction.

ARRI ALEXA Factory Tour

Join us on a 24 page Cinematographer’s Tour of ARRI ALEXA from Concept through Construction. Not just for DPs: essential information for ACs, ADs, Directors, Producers, Studios, Production Companies, Rental Houses and Students. Visit the factory on Türkenstrasse in Munich to see how ARRI’s latest digital cinematography camera is built. Meet Managing Director Dr. Martin Prillmann, General Manager of Camera Business… read more…

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