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Sony AXS-R7 RAW Recorder

Sony Headquarters, Shinagawa, Tokyo. Sony F5 and F55 get a new onboard RAW Recorder: AXS-R7. It attaches to the camera the same way as the previous model, AXS-R5, with an additional metal top plate to add stability. There are two slots on the camera left side for  slim AXS memory cards. The new R7 recorder is slightly larger, and gives F5 and… read more…

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Sony F5-F55 Booklet Updated

We have updated the Sony F5-F55 Booklet. The new version is Feb 28, 2013. iPad users: Please delete your old (November) version and download the new Feb 28, 2013 Edition via Apple Newsstand. App is available in iTunes. PDF Edition. Download the new Feb 28, 2013 v5.5 Edition.

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