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Sony AXS-R7 X-OCN (Original Camera Negative)

As many suspected, Sony’s new AXS-R7 Recorder does a lot more than 4K RAW, full resolution 120p recording, and 30 second caching. Why else would it be larger than its older brother, the R5? The big news is X-OCN.     In addition to 16-bit linear RAW, the AXS-R7 will record Sony’s new 16-bit X-OCN format. X-OCN stands for eXtended… read more…

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Meeting Sony Designers and Planners in Tokyo

Meeting the Designers and Planners Shinagawa sits on the southeastern shore of Tokyo, just before you hit Tokyo Bay. It’s a collection of modern highrise office towers housing many of the area’s major corporations. The large building with the diamond patterned exoskeleton (above) is Sony’s Shinagawa Headquarters in Sony City. Peter Crithary, Sony’s Manager for large sensor cameras (below, far… read more…

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Sony AXS-R7 RAW Recorder

Sony Headquarters, Shinagawa, Tokyo. Sony F5 and F55 get a new onboard RAW Recorder: AXS-R7. It attaches to the camera the same way as the previous model, AXS-R5, with an additional metal top plate to add stability. There are two slots on the camera left side for  slim AXS memory cards. The new R7 recorder is slightly larger, and gives F5 and… read more…

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