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Meeting Sony Designers and Planners in Tokyo

Meeting the Designers and Planners Shinagawa sits on the southeastern shore of Tokyo, just before you hit Tokyo Bay. It’s a collection of modern highrise office towers housing many of the area’s major corporations. The large building with the diamond patterned exoskeleton (above) is Sony’s Shinagawa Headquarters in Sony City. Peter Crithary, Sony’s Manager for large sensor cameras (below, far… read more…

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A Minimalistic Sony Camera: FS5

There are a bunch of breakthrough technologies and good ideas in the new mini Sony PXW-FS5 4K camera. Read complete report in FDTimes September Edition, now online. 1. Variable ND: Internal, 7 stops, CONTINUOUSLY VARIABLE! The ND control knob is continuously variable from clear to ND2.1 (7 stops). Or, with the flick of a switch, you can choose  one of four presets.

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