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Digital Cinematography on “Café Society” by Vittorio Storaro

The film “Café Society” was Vittorio Storaro’s first real experience in digital capture. Analyzing the process and different aspects of digital cinematography, he has written this article based on his observations and recent lectures. Topics include: The idea, Location Scouting, Importance of Light, Technical Tests of Camera and Lenses, DIT, Video Control, Composition, Dailies, DI, Distribution, Preservation,  and Love of the Art of Cinematography. read more…

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Happy Holidays from FDTimes

AbelCine at Industry City

AbelCine’s New York operation is expanding to Industry City, a vibrant, new community of artists, artisans, innovators, designers, businesses, restaurants, retail spaces, art galleries and factory outlets on the Brooklyn waterfront. AbelCine’s new 12,500 square foot Development Center is already up and running at Industry City, working on R&D, engineering, manufacturing, and systems integration. read more…

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Jazz, Lenses and ZEISS

by Thomas R. Zecher Photos by Alexander Kopp Most cinematographers and still photographers know about Obekochen. It’s a small town, three hours from Frankfurt and two hours from Munich. This is where ZEISS cine and still photography lenses come from. What many of us did not know is that the 25th Aalener Jazz Festival opened in Oberkochen this November 2016. Aalen is a large… read more…

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NYTimes on Steadicam

Here’s an excellent article in the NYTimes: “The Invention That Shot Rocky Up Those Steps.” The accompanying video is like a Steadicam Greatest Hits with a description of Garrett Brown’s Steadicam camera operating system that made “The Shining,” “Rocky” and “Goodfellas” possible.

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IB/E Optics+BandPro Large Format Raptors

There are now 6 members of the Raptor Large Format prime lens family. The new prototype Raptors shown at Band Pro Open House were 40, 60 and 80 mm. They join the 100, 150 and 180 mm Macros.    

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Band Pro Nouvelle Vague

Befitting Band Pro’s French connection with the new Angenieux Type EZ Zooms, the theme of their Open House this year  was the French Cinema. Pierre-William Glenn, AFC was the guest of honor. The events began with a screening of his “Day for Night” (“Nuit Americaine”) at the Sony Backstage Theater on December 6. The Open House had a record attendance on Dec 8. read more…


BSC Expo 2017

2/3/17 – 2/4/17
BSC Expo 2017: Battersea Evolution Event Space in London

AFC Micro Salon Paris 2017

1/27/17 – 1/28/17
AFC Micro Salon Paris 2017: 17th annual Micro Salon at la femis

AFC Micro Salon La fémis 6, rue Francœur Paris 18e France Registration:    

Band Pro Open House 2016

Band Pro Open House 2016: 1pm - 8 pm on Thursday Dec 8

Thursday, December 8, 2016 from 1 to 8pm atBand Pro’s Burbank Headquarters Band Pro Open House 3403 W. Pacific Avenue Burbank, CA 91505 Thursday 12/8/2016 1:00pm – 8:00pm Admission is free with RSVP Band Pro Celebrates French Cinema at Open House 2016 Band Pro’s annual Open House event  this year will celebrate French cinema. Esteemed French Director & Cinematographer Pierre-William… read more…

Diversity in Cinematography

Madelyn Most writes: “for the first time ever, Camerimage, the festival of cinematography, IMAGO, the European Federation of Cinematographers, and illuminatrix, a U.K. collective of female cinematographers, hosted a forum on gender and diversity in cinematography. The panelists discussed what made their career work, while questioning the myths, inequalities, and obstacles that still exist in their respective countries.” read more…

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Sony’s a6500 and RX100 V Launch Event

Twenty-five journalists and bloggers were invited to Austin, Texas for the launch event of the new Sony Alpha 6500 and RX100 Mark V (RX100 V) Digital Still Photography and 4K (UHD) Motion Picture Cameras. read more…

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Camerimage Docs: Essay by Axelle Coquelet

Bydgoszcz, Poland. Axelle Coquellet writes: Camerimage is the marvelous international festival dedicated to the art of cinematography. It is all about cinematographers, and even more so when you look at the documentary program where most of them are also directors. I think it is one of the main interests of documentaries: how these directors see the world and how they manage to communicate it through the cinema screen. read more…

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