P+S Technik and Augusta

P+S TECHNIK’s Alfred and Anna Piffl and Andreas Dasser had major news at the company’s 20th anniversary party. A large group convened in a larger event hall, converted from an old industrial space across the street from Cinec. AUGUSTA Technologie AG (ISIN DE000A0D6612), a specialist in sensor and automations systems, has purchased a  55.5% stake in the acquisition of shares from the managing partners of P+S TECHNIK to increase the company’s capital required for the funding of its future growth. The company’s current managing directors Alfred Piffl and Andreas Dasser will retain a 44.5 percent stake in P+S TECHNIK and will also continue to run the company.

Founded in 1990, P+S TECHNIK is known for its modular digital film camera, a digital high-speed film camera and a wide variety of film-related accessories needed for the production of films in 3D format. P+S TECHNIK also developed and markets a  film scanner for the cost-effective and gentle digitalization of  film archive material. With more than 40 employees, the additional capital stock will be used to implement new Digital Cinematography Cameras, Archive Scanning, CMOS sensors, and software.

“The film industry is currently experiencing a historic transformation from analog to digital technologies. In AUGUSTA Group, we have found a strong partner who will help us meet the goals we have set ourselves,” says Alfred Piffl, founder and Managing Director of P+S TECHNIK.

“The AUGUSTA Group complements our developmental capacity in the field of Digital Capturing. We will benefit from the partnership not only in the area of sensor development, but also in the area of microsystems engineering,”says Andreas Dasser, Head of Development and Managing Director of P+S TECHNIK.

“The acquisition of our stake in P+S TECHNIK marks our entrance into the promising growth market of digital film cameras”, says Amnon Harman, CEO of AUGUSTA Technologie AG.

“P+S TECHNIK is one of the most innovative suppliers in the film camera market. Both in the past and now with the current exciting product range, the company has always known how to focus on products that enable special, exceptional pictures to be captured.” saysArno Pätzold, management board member responsible for M&A transactions at AUGUSTA Technologie AG.

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