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Cinematographers of the world, get online or on line. The new Canon EOS 7D ships end of September, and it is everything you wanted in the sequel to last year’s blockbuster called Canon EOS 5D Mark II. This is the HDSLR you’ve been waiting for: a compact, rugged, lightweight combination digital still camera, 1920 x 1080 24p HD video camera,… read more…

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The Early Years of Super 16 and How it All Started

Rune Ericson, the father of Super 16, goes back to April 1966 and takes us on a guided tour of the invention and evolution of this important format. read more…

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Russian Production

Here’s an article on the current state of affairs and the art by Roman Hoffmann. Click here to go to ARTICLES on the Film and Digital Times Website.



SIGGRAPH 2009 in New Orleans. By Oli Laperal, Jr. I just returned from SIGGRAPH, the world’s premiere conference on CG and Interactive Techniques.  Over 20,000 people attended last year: artists, research scientists, gaming developers, filmmakers and teachers. The keynote presentations were excellent. Randy Thom of Lucas Skywaker Sound, a two-time Academy Award winner, explained the often neglected, but ever important,… read more…


Russian Production: Online Report (PDF)

From Russia With Roman. Here’s an article on the current state of affairs and the art by Roman Hoffmann. Roman knows Russia well, as Marketing Director of Dedo Weigert Film, with offices in Munich and Moscow. Roman also writes, teaches and provides production services.  

Midsummer Online Report

In previous years, it was possible to digest the relevant news from NAB into a few pages. This year was different. Products were announced, then subsequently modified, added or subtracted. We’ve spent the intervening time writing and re-writing. Here is our first report, as a digital digest, with an in-depth look at the companies beginning with A: Aaton, Angenieux, Abel… read more…

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Aaton: Special Online Report (PDF)

We travel to Grenoble, France to speak with Aaton’s Jean-Pierre Beauviala and explore the ‘artisanal’ craftsmanship involved in the cameras’ manufacture. read more…

Blixt Camera: Special Online Report (PDF)

We recently visited Björn Blixt and Blixt Camera Rental in Copenhagen, Denmark. Björn is a fellow cinematographer with a wicked wit, cunning at punning and an enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit. read more…